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Orgonise Africa Blog

  1. Orgone alchemy

    So what's really happening?

    We can only speculate because we have no access to sophisticated metereological equipment. We rely on the 3 faculties of
    1. observation
    2. reasoning
    3. intuition (and then reasoning again)
    When we introduce massively positive orgone energy into an area that has been under heavy chemtrail attack, we often see the chemcrud dissolve within minutes. The process is silent, not accompanied by hefty winds and nobody has ever complained about any detectable fallout.

    The pictures below show a typical sequence of chemtrails being dissolved by Orgone energy. it was taken in the coastal town of George, Western Cape, South Africa. The sequence happened within 30 minutes after and while we were
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  2. Definitely no hour zero in Cape Town

    The long lasting drought affecting Cape Town was touted as a catastrophe of world wide impact. With dams reaching their lowest levels in decades it was supposed to be the first time a major world city would run out of water. 
    Being naturally suspicious of all such announcements and always applying the test of replacing the words "prognosticated, anticipated" et cetera with "planned, wilfully brought about", I already thought that some deliberate mismanagement of the water supply plaid a major role in making sure it would be a good crisis, something to move Agenda 21 forward a notch. 

    In case you're new to this: Agenda 21 is the superficially well meaning UN-agenda for sustainable development, spawned in the aftermath of the Rio conference on sustainable development. Based on the flawed science of "global warming" caused by "greenhouse gases", it seeks
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  3. Shungite - the new Miracle Stone?

    Many people consider Shungite a miracle stone. It is actually something like highly compressed coal, with a carbon content from 30-98%, depending on the grade of purity. 
    In a way, Shungite on it's own acts a lot like orgonite. In Russia we saw small shungite pellets with double sided tape being sold as cellphone emf protectors. Also in Russia, people are mixing shungite powder into house paint in oder to achieve EMF protection.   
    Shungite is being offered polished in all kinds of shapes and as raw stones.

    Typical benefits associated with Shungite:

    • Generally stimulating and revitalising
    • Skin rejuvenation
    • Absorbs bad EMF and geopathic stress radiation
    • Improves mi
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  4. Keshe-GANS-Orgonite

    As you probably know, I have been actively following the free energy scene for quite a while.

    This led - among other things - to me being invited to present our work to the BEM conference in Hilversum, NL, in 2012. Already being in the Netherlands, I took the opportunity to visit the Keshe Foundation in nearby Belgium and attend a seminar about the health applications of his technologies. I had a chance to exchange a few words with Mr. Keshe personally and this was my impression then: The man is genuine.

    However, he was already then surrounded by "watchers" who were supposed to secretly sabotage his efforts while pretending to work for him. I never shared his idea of bringing this technology to the world via the world governments. I think that is pure naivity.

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  5. No Hour Zero Part 2

    The so called "Cape Town Water Crisis" has been a world wide media event. When something happening in remote South Africa gets 5 min coverage on CNN (CIA), it must be important to "them".

    Remember, the water scarcity meme has been hammered down our throats at least since the turn of the millenium as the next cause for massive wars and upheavals all over the world. 

    If you - like me - think that such memes are constantly being created for sinister purposes, this one should have all your alarm bells ringing: 

    A perfect media campaign involving all the usual co-opted NGOs has been rolled out to instill the maximum amount of fear and dread into all Capetonians and visitors to the city. Saunas in Gyms are closed to save water (absurdly even the dry saunas)

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  6. No Hour Zero in Cape Town

    The situation

    Water scarcity is one of the central fear memes put out by the same people who brought you "global warming", "peak oil" and all the other fear based memes that have been run through the worldwide populace by the mainstream media. 
    For the last 15 or so years we have been primed to believe that "the next wars are going to be fought over water".  

    For the Cape Town situation the meme has been summarised under the catchy phrase "Day zero".
    Look here , how this fear is being orchestrated: https://www.timeslive.co.za/news/south-africa/2018-02-10-your-city-needs-you-cape-town-signs-up-day-zero-army/
    Yes sure, there is a drought. For the last 2 years The Cape Peninsula has received about 25% less rain than average, after 2014 being an exeptionally good year. South Africa has always been know for quite erratic weather patterns, so not all of this

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  7. Back at work again

    we are back in the office and workshop for a great year 2018!
    I have been very busy with my new restaurant in Karoo, some 900 km away from Johannesburg. 

    Night impression of GEORG restaurant 
    Night impression of GEORG restaurant

    You can follow the restaurant on facebook.

    One of the

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  8. Happy New Year

    Dear Friends and customers,

    we wish you a fantastic start into the New Year!

    Hopefully a lot of the tensions that have been brewing worldwide will be relieved in this year. 
    I've got this weird feeling that the worst may be behind us. 

    Our Johannesburg team is now on holiday until Monday 15 January in the New Year. So all shipments for customers outside Europe, where Katharina has her own distribution point, will only go out after that. Katharina will continue packing parcels as normal. 

    In return for this inconvenience and in order to keep our business going over the holiday, we've invented the trick of the diminishing discount.  

    In short: The longer you are willing to wait, the better the discount for you. 

    Today it is still a very substantial 29.5% that will be deducted from your orgonite and zapper shopping cart. Tomorrow it will be 28% and so on, every day 1.5% less.  

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  9. 15 years OA - The prisoners of Orgone

    In Africa oppression is not handled as subtle as in the developed Western World. (at least in most places most of the time until recently) It can be quite crude, with opposition politicians often beaten to pulp or outrightly murdered by government goons. 

    But let those old records speak for themselves with the voice of the time when the experience was had:

    2 foreigners arrested in Nyamapanda
    Zimbabwe 2006 - read here

    Dammed and busted in Mozambique

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  10. Orgonite deflates Irma in Florida

    Devra R......

     | Sep 14, 2017 12:03:54 AM 

    I am a customer of yours and I live in Florida, on the Sarasota Bay.

    A couple of years ago I did a pretty major orgonite gifting expedition in and around my home...cell towers up and down the Tamiami Trail, several places around the various inland bays, and a few other choice spots in Bradenton, St. Petes, Tampa and Sarasota.

    I also have about fifty pieces in and around my own property. Well, as you know we were just visited by a big bully...Hurricane Irma. There isn't enough space here to give you all the details, but I will just say that magic happened, and I am convinced it is due to the orgonite and good vibes....

    Irma was heading straight for us in a bulls-eye, and then she veered off; she was downgraded at just a most crucial time and our area fared so much better than most; many many

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