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  1. New: DHL shipping from Germany

    We have reached a new step in our evolution: For too long we had to watch with dismay as our customers often got charged outrageous amounts by the courier companies for importing our parcels into the EU.

    Not only the VAT and customs fees, but there were also always associated charges for customs clearing and handling. That now falls away for all EU destinations.


    Katharina is in the process of registering a company in Germany that will become our sales and shipping agent for the EU and Europe in general. 

    Until that is fully functional, you can still order without the German VAT of 19% and we carry the import VAT. This will change after Easter. So in actual fact, yo are enjoying a 19% discount by ordering now.

    Free shipping of all orders over 125 EUR, 100 GBP, 130 USD

    For our other international destina

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  2. Orgonite @ work

    I want to tell you a story from the early days of our orgone journey:

    A friend of mine, let's call him John B., was working for a big IT company in Johannesburg in a large open plan office. I visited him there one day and noticed the particularly drab and depressing atmosphere.

    Everybody was slouching along as if they were carrying a ton of bricks on their shoulders. And to make things worse, the place was painted in drab beiges and browns and so was the furniture.

    That's when our plan of action was spointaneously agreed.

    A few days later I came back during their lunch break (pathetic how there were al dragging their feet and bending their shoulders and necks on their way to lunch..)

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  3. May the 4th be with you!

    I have always been fascinated how truthful concepts find their expression in fantasy and science fiction movies. They do!

    So the FORCE of STAR WARS is of course orgone and it's even mostly shown as blue!

    Obiwan descibes orgone better than even Wilhelm Reich could have done it:

    “The Force is what gives a Jedi his power. It's an energy field created by all living things. It surrounds us and penetrates us. It binds the galaxy together.” ~ Obiwan

    Our pulsed orgonite devices create a strong orgone field, visible to sensitives. (those that see auras always see it)

    What are the applications?

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  4. The most powerful minerals against EMF radiation

    By now, you're probably aware of how Orgonite works, what benefits it has, and how best you can use it in your day to day life. 

    Most likely, you already have a piece or several at home and have felt its benefits for yourself. 

    That's exactly why I think it's time to dive a little deeper into this fascinating world and start exploring the little details.

    Besides the standard Orgonite mixture of resin, metal filings and Quartz crystal, we add many other gemstones, precious metals and healing herbs to our Orgonite. This fine-tunes the effect of the Orgonite, as it acts much like a carrier wave that you can lay specific "healing frequencies" over for a much more subtle effect. 

    The benefits of many of these gemstones are widely known and used - such as Amethyst or Turquoise - and others are still fairly unknown. I want to explore these "magic ingredients" with you and give you some insight into why we selected specific combinations

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  5. 9-11 15th anniversary

    A short snippet of one of the towers being "penetrated" by the phallic shape of a jetliner were shown repeatedly for hours, alternating in a very suggestive way with images of fuzzy bearded Osama Bin Laden. No evidence was presented that Bin Laden had anything to do with it, only vague insinuations about "informed circles in London having some hunches"... 

    I'm sure, if you were awake and alive at that time, you know exactly what i'm talking about.
    This was brain entrainment of the finest. I had just recently caught on to an understanding of the workings of the global elite and concepts like "false flag" and so on came to my mind immediately when seeing this and how it was played.

    9-11, possibly the worst mind control op after WWII
    In the meantime an unprecedented acceleration of the formation of an openly fascist police

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  6. Electro - Hypersensitivity and Parasites

    Our incredible well researched friend Tino Puthego from Botswana brought up this idea in a talk we had a few months ago:

    Why are some people hypersensitive to EMF and others not? His explanation was: 


    We have all heard that most people are infested with parasites to a higher or lesser degree. Hulda Clark - widely credited with inventing the zapper for health purposes - made the combination of parasites and toxins out as the source of all major diseases. 

    Parasites: We all have them to some degree - but zapping keeps them to a minimum.
    We all have them to some degree: Happy parasites in your intestine

    Now here is Tino's explanation: The presence of strong EMF fields stimulates these nasty little critters to be

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  7. Russian PSI research

    Orgonise Africa has now teamed up with internationally recognised researcher Irene Caesar Phd., sole authorised represenatative of the Moscow based (formerly top secret)  Scientific Research Institute for the National Security for all sales outside Russia and founder of Wavegenome (among many other credentials), to bring the results of this amazing research to South Africa and of course to our international clients.

    Says Irina:

    "The Institute was founded in 1937 as the central and secret institute for the development of the information-wave technology in the Soviet Union under the name of "Scientific-Research Institute Energy" (Научно-производственное Объединение Энергия) with 5,000 scientists, under supervision of the National Security Agencies of the Soviet Union. The Institute was developing devices and services for the first persons in the State, militar

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  8. Giant Vegetables

    One of these observations, shared by so many orgone experimenters worldwide, is the healthy growth of vegetables to enormous size in the presence of orgonite.  

    Here is an article from a fairly mainstream newspapaper, if there ever is one: The SUN!

    It is based on the research of Mark Bennet, a veteran researcher in the orgonite world.

    Need I say more? The article speaks for itself. 

    Check also our own plantgrowth experiment and our "orgonite proof" article in the info section.


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  9. It's crunch time, baby!

    The picture is from Cizre, Turkey, a majority Kurdish inhabited town.

    The establishment is becoming more and more shrill in it's pronouncements and attempts at establishing open fascism are becoming more and more obvious. While truth is coming to the fore, the economic foundations of the outgoing paradigm look more and more shaky. The real economy is beyond faltering but speculative bubbles reach peaks due to injection of almost zero interest fiat money into the great casino. This cannot go on forever and we all feel that.

    Just look at Turkey, a major NATO ally and aspiring EU member to see what could soon happen in your country. Journalists who expose the truth and all opposition politicians summariily branded "terrorists" and locked away at will... Wow! Is that the democracy we've been bombing Libya, Syria, Iraq,Yugoslavia, Vietnam and many other countries for?

    Expect more and more "terrorist attacks" (there are no terrorists unless approved by CIA, Mossad, MI6

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  10. How to defeat the NWO

    Please read this (now almost classical) article for more on this. 

    Orgonite works on so many levels and it works against this negative agenda.
    By strengthening the life force in any given environment, we deactivate their agenda. 
    That goes on a physical level for all their weather control and slow poisoning projects (HAARP, Chemtrails etc.) and on the mental or consciousness level it goes for the lifting the veil of deception and fear that is enveloping human minds tlike a fine aerosol, not to be escaped easily.

    The answer to this is 


    as you probably know, we have done quite a bit of that  in Southern Africa and even in other locations where we happened to travel like recently in the Baltic sea, connecting Finnland, Russia, Germany, Latvia, Sweden etc..

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