Zapping Instructions

Zapping instructions

These instructions are equally valid for the Clark Zapper and our range of Orgone Zappers.

Any references to the additional healing effects of the Orgone Zappers only applies to the Orgone Zapper Standard, the Orgone Zapper El Silverado and the Orgone Zapper Eldorado.

On the other hand all things being said about the Clark Zapper apply to Orgone Zappers as well.

Clark Zapper without the hassle

Duration of zapping

We recommend that you zap for at least half an hour daily for at least 6 weeks in a row when you first start using the Zapper. We have found no evidence that zapping much longer can be harmful, so we do recommend that you zap as long as you feel comfortable.

Do however change the position of your Orgone Zapper or Clark Zapper from time to time in order to avoid burn marks or skin irritation.

Where to zap

You can zap any part of your body and it will still affect the whole body positively. You can however get good results if you zap the affected body part directly (topically) - for example in cases of Arthritis of the joints, or insect bites.

The elastic straps make it easy to wear the Orgone Zapper or Clark Zapper on your arm or leg, even while doing other things like office work or light physical work. You do not have to sit there and hold 2 electrodes in your hand while being prevented from doing anything else, as was the case with the original zapper created by Dr. Hulda Clark.

My favourite spot for zapping is in the arch under the foot. I keep it there overnight whenever I feel a flu or other infection trying to overwhelm me. It works wonders for me because two good things come together here - the blood vessels are close under the skin while the skin is relatively hard and not easy to be irritated. Also, the foot reflex zones get stimulated by the trickle current and the orgone field.

You will find your own favourite spot. Just know that it will work wherever you put it!

Zapper maintenance

The only maintenance your Zapper (Clark Zapper and Orgone Zapper alike) really needs is an exchange of the battery from time to time. When your little LED light doesn't flicker after switching the Zapper on, the battery is most probably empty.

Your electrodes do react with your skin and the salts that are secreted when you perspire. After all, we are sending an electric current through a moist and salty medium. This will lead to a change in the surface of the electrode further away from the switch side of the Zapper (the cathode).

This is not a reason to suspect anything is wrong with your Zapper - it's just doing its job.

As you continue zapping your toxin loads and acidity will most likely reduce. Your sweat will become a less aggressive medium and the zapper electrodes will miraculously "clear up" to a certain degree.


You can read up on the Science behind the Zapper here.

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