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Cloud Buster DIY Kit

Build Your Own Orgonite Cloudbuster with this DIY Kit.

Basic ingredients to build your own Cloudbuster: The short pipe ends are alread fitted with crystals.

You get: Copper pipe ends fitted with crystals, the aluminium filings, a suitable bucket, 2 plastic disks as spacers and extra gemstones for your Orgonite mix.

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Build your own Orgonite CB

This Kit allows you to build your own CB without too much hassle.
You still have to get the resin and the copper pipe extensions locally (If I would include them, you might as well order a complete CB due to shipping and material costs).

Contents of the Kit:

- 6x 180mm pipe ends 28 mm diameter, fitted with 1 d/t crystal each in copper or brass endcap with straight coupler. This is the part that goes in the bucket.

- Aluminium filings for 9l bucket

- 2 templates / spacers.

- Additional Amethyst crystals to enhance orgonite mix

- Illustrated assembly instructions

- 9l household bucket

You need to buy locally:

- 8-9 kg Polyester Resin and catalyst
(If you buy 25kg from an industrial supplier, it will be almost the same price as 10kg from a hobby supplier and you can start making your own HHGs and TBs as well. We also supply suitable crystals for that)

- 6 x ca. 1800mm pipe ends of 28mm.


If you would like to get a taste of what awaits you when you decide to build your own Orgonite Cloudbuster, have a look at our DIY instructions here - right at the bottom of the article. You can also read up on what the Cloudbuster's all about and why you should have one right here.

Please note:
Our pipe sizes are metric and do not fit with US sizes (Imperial). We recommend you buy the complete CB from us if you cannot get metric extension pipes 28 mm.

Dimensions: height - 850mm, diameter - 28mm
(This product is handmade and the final product might differ slightly)

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