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Massive Orgone Starter

Massive Orgone Starter

Orgone Jet Set Kit

Orgone Jet Set Kit

Essential Orgonite

Essential Orgonite Bundle

The basic Orgonite that you shoud have around your house at 15% below normal website prices if you take the whole pack. Put some TBs around your house, have a powerful HHG and protect yourself with an Orgone Zapper, an orgonite pendant and a minishield for your phone.

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Don't go for less Orgonite!

Check my little write up here for some basic recommendations on how to start orgonising your house and immediate surroundings. We recommend you put one Orgonite - TB in each corner of your property as a first measure of protection. Put one directly attached to the main water pipe where it enters your house or outside. Piped water has been found to be a major carrier of negative energy these days. Same goes for your main electricity DB board. Put a TB in there.

We recommend this number of 12 "Dirty Harry" and 4 "Slick Jim" Orgonite TBs in order to give you some options. You should definitely bust all cellphone towers within 5 km around your house in order to prevent them from harming you. In order to do that you just place a single orgonite TB nearby. If need be it is still effective up to 500m from the tower. They can be hidden in dense bush or foliage or dug in to avoid overzealous gardeners clearing them away.

The "Slick Jim" version is not different in it's energetic effects, but we thought to include 4 for places in your house where you want them to be more esthetically appealing.

Put one TB on your TV set, one near computer monitors. If you feel you should still be using a microwave oven (don't) please put one there. Better ban that mini nuke from your life sphere!

It is turning your food into radioactive waste.

The Orgonite HHG is a powerful orgone generator. It is the centerpiece of your little assembly. Put it in your living room or bed room. The choice is yours. It is very powerful and will positively affect an area much larger than your house anyways. So position is not overly critical.

Some very energy sensitive people or dowsers are however capable of optimising the effect by placing orgonite directly onto geopathic stress lines (negative energy lines) If you have this ability or know such a person, you can achieve even more decisive improvements. But even without such fine tuning the effect of placing orgonite in and around your house is tremendous.

Every family or person should have an orgone zapper as first line of defense against disease. The Orgone Zapper Standard is a trusted and cost effective choice. You may upgrade to include the El Silverado Zapper with the silver electrodes instead.

And last but not least, you should have a Minishield orgonite cellphone protection on your phone. Check out this experiment we have done on how the minishield changes the influence of cellphone radiation on plant growth.

A small orgonite pendant gives you protection against negative energy fields as you move around town, be they caused by EMF or emotional por psychic negativity. This little pendant is boosting your personal bio-energy field, also known as "Aura".

And the coolest thing of all:

By buying these essentials in one package you are buying the constituents at a 15% reduced price compared to buying them separately.

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