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Tree of Life Pendant

Limitless Orgone Pendant

Orgonite Pendant with Kyanite, Quartz, Shungite, Black Tourmaline, Mica.

Wear for: Removing blockages in Spiritual and Mental development, Expression, assissting Breakthroughs, mental Flexibility.

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This is the ideal Orgonite Pendant to assist you on your Spiritual Path and remove potential blockages.

All of our Orgonite Pendants strengthen your bioenergetic field (Aura), revitalise your body and protect you from harmful influences such as electromagnetic radiation (EMF) or negative energies. 

The Limitless Orgone Pendant features loads of blue Kyanite, a lovely metal inlay and has an SBB coil inside. The pendant has a metal clasp and attaches to a black (non-leather) thread to be elegantly worn just above the sternum.  

Traditionally Kyanite has been known as the breakthrough crystal - it removes the blockages that stand in the way of you becoming truly Limitless. Kyanite is like most blue healing stones opening the Throat Chakra. It improves verbal and artistic expression and helps overcome victim mentality. Soothes astma and throat afflictions .

Healing properties typically associated with the gemstones contained in this pendant:

  • Kyanite: strengthens the throat chakra, promotes fine motor skills, coordination and physical and mental agility, improves verbal and artistic expression, clarity, intuition and mindfulness.
  • Quartz: Mental clarity, always used in orgonite to amplify the orgone output
  • Shungite: EMF protection, psychic protection, grounding, purification and cleansing, calming and relaxation
  • Black Tourmaline:  Talisman of protection, guards against radiation and environmental pollution, grounding and soothing
  • Mica: Shields and protects, Clarity and Flexibility

This pendant can be combined nicely with beadwork or integrated in some other piece of jewellery.


Size: Diametre approx 36mm, Thickness approx 12mm in centre; slightly lens-shaped

Please note that the metal inlay may oxidize over time.