Orgone Generator The Holy Handgrenade - a classic piece of orgonite designed by Don Croft in 2001

Orgonite HHG

Limpet Buster

Inner city towerbusting made easy: This nifty Orgonite TB sticks to anything steel because it's got a Neodymium Magnet embedded. Added Strength with Shungite! 

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Orgonite Towerbuster with Neodymium Magnet, Shungite Quartz and Orgonite matrix.

  This is the Orgonite Towerbuster you've been waiting for: Ideal for inner city gifting as it sticks to lamp posts, traffic or advertising signs, steel fences or any other steel structure. 

This allows you to leave some gifts in inner cities, where there is no greenery to hide your Dirty Harries.   

It's unobtrusive grey tint makes it ideal for the task. 


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