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Moneyfest Brick

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Shungite Egg

Moneyfest HHG

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The Moneyfest HHG

"Moneyfest" a healthy flow of wealth into your life. This orgon generator to attract money includes real money made into strips and 5 quartz crystals in the orgonite mixture.
Its bottom is finished off with an attractive traditional African fabric. 

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Create Abundance with Orgonite

The Moneyfest HHG is a strong positive orgone generator, destined to attract the flow of money into your life. All radionic devices to manifest a purpose have this in common:
A source of positive energy (the orgonite, in this case) and a sign of purpose to be achieved, or witnessed, (real money made into strips, in this case).

Place it where you keep your contracts or other money-related documents, such as your bank statements, or even next to a picture of yourself, because you're going to be the happy recipient of the new flow of abundance.

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