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Muti Orgone HHG (Holy Hand Grenade)

Muti HHG

Large Muti Orgonite Pendant

Muti Pendant L

Muti TB

The African Muti Towerbuster with traditional herbal medicine (Muti).

Revitalises your personal space and protects you from EMF, psychic attacks and other negative energies.


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A PIECE OF AFRICA FOR YOUR HOME - Orgonite Towerbuster with traditional herbal medicine (Muti) to protect you from EMF and other negative energies.

The African Muti Towerbuster has the following ingedients:

- The gilded muti cross: contains the herbal Muti Mix from NaDlonge.

- Cowrie Shells: were used as money in large parts of Africa. A symbol and promoter of wealth and abundance.

- Neodymium Magnet: magnets have a well documented healing power of their own. In conjunction with orgonite they also enhance the penetration of orgone energy into the body.

- Amethyst: concentration and clarity of mind, inner peace

- Double terminated quartz crystal 20-30mm: Antenna, amplifying orgonite effect.

Malawian saphires

- Orgonite: The main ingredient of all our orgone healing tools. Orgonite is a mix of metal filings and resin that transmutes stagnant negative energy fields into life enhancing positive orgone (POR)


The power of the Muti ispotentiated by the Orgonite mix.

The herbal Muti is designed to promote the general wellbeing of the wearer and protect him or her from psychic and other attacks, sending all evil intentions directed at the wearer or owner of the Muti back to source in multiplied strength.

The Muti is embedded in a smaller gold leaf covered cross of fine Orgonite to prevent "bleeding out" of etheric oils and other substances contained in the herbal compostion of the Muti.


Dimensions: height - 25mm, diameter - 65mm
(This product is handmade and the final product might differ slightly)