Attractive new Orgonite bundle deals

Feb 17, 2010


Orgonite Packages are back in town!

We had that already a few years ago and it was a great success then: Preselected orgonite packages at reduced prices!


Especially if you're new in this game, you will appreciate that. It takes a bit of the guess work out of your deliberations on what to start with. Depending on wether you are more interested in your personal Healing or in the etheric protection of your house or if you want to start gifting your environment on a smaller or larger scale. One of these packages will suit your requirements.


In all packages the components cost 15% less than if ordered seperately, even under consideration of bulk dicounts that may be applicable. So that's a very attractive proposal. In order to make it even more attractive,  we offer the 4 new packages at an introductory discount of 20% until the end of this week. (expires Sunday 21 Feb. at midnight at GMT+2, South African Time)

Essential Orgonite

essential orgonite to start with




The very essentials you should start with, in order to protect yourself and your house.


Read more here...


The Jet Set Traveller's pack

orgonite for the jeet set traveller

This package will take up 6 or 7 kg in your luggage. Make a difference at the destination of your next trip or use it to make a formidable start in your hometown. The choice is yours. read more here...



The massive Buster Starter Pack

This kit should turn around a mid sized town. If you want to start your career as an orgone warrior with a bang, this is for you!

read more here...



The Personal Orgone Healing Kit

assorted orgone healing tools

This selection is focused on self healing but also for use in healing practice. It can ideally be combined with one of the "orgonite only" bundles above.

Read more here...



The Tiger is loose!

I told you about the year of the tiger, didn't I? If I'm understanding it correctly, it will be a much better year for us than the bygone year of the ox.


And that's what we did to celebrate it properly: We went to our nearby "Cheap China Mall" and bought 4 fake Ed Hardy T-shirts with tiger motives in order to dress up for the occasion.


We then went to our lokal Chinatown to have dinner with friends. Unfortunately we found out that the big celebration with costumes and fireworks is only happening next saturday. Well..


Ritschl Family in tiger outfit



And on a funnier note: Aren't we all under "Alien Financial Management"


Georg + The Orgonise Africa Team

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