Essential Orgonite – how to get started

Sep 2, 2009

Just how does one best start sorting out one's life and environment with orgonite?"

I have been asked this question by many who have just recently stumbled upon ogonite and started reading a lot about it:

So I've been thinking about what I'd consider essential.

The problem with this question is that orgonite is so scaleable. Everything helps and one can never do too much.

The barest minimum orgonite for your essential protection

is to have one tower buster.  Many of the simple folks in Africa that I've given just one TB have come back and reported great changes. A simple TB can trigger a powerful detox reaction and  energise and protect a person. It will start you on a healing curve, for sure. But I'm sure you want a biot more than that, namely a

comfortable orgonite starter pack!

Start with 12 TBs . Put 4 in the respective corners of your property, no matter wether you live in your own house or an appartment. Put 1 in the electrical DB-board and 1 on the water pipe either where it enters the house or your appartment. (use masking tape or duct tape to attach) Now the other are at your disposal, depending on priorities.

If you have any cellphone towers nearby, gift them! That's more important than anything else. Essentially every cellphone tower at least within a radius of 5km must be gifted for your own protection. How to do that? Take a stroll with the dog or alone and place the TB as near as possible by that tower. 1 is enough. If you don't find a good hiding place very close, relax: TBs are effective even up to 500m from the target!

TBs that you have left can be put near TV or computer monitors (I hope you don't have a microwave, throw it away, ok!) You can already see that 30 TBs sounds better than 12, but 12 is a start.

I would recommend at least 1 HHG or medium to large sized pyramid, to anchor the whole show somewhat. Put it in your living room on a nice place where you can see it.

Personal protection with orgonite

Every person in the world should have a zapper or at least access to a zapper. You can share one with your family, partner or roommate of course. But in the long run you'll want your own. A zapper is the first line of defence against all disease processes that life may throw at you. Really!

If the flu (be it swine, bird or real) wants to overpower you, slap the zapper on and go to bed. You'll be fine! I can just not imagine life without a zapper any more.

Your cellphone should have a Minishield chip on it, definitely. and I recommend that you wear an orgone pendant or carry some orgonite with you.

That's the essential kit in my mind. All the fancy stuff is great, but it should come after these essentials are covered. Not everyone is born to be a gifter, but the towers within 5km of where you live are your responsibility for you own and your family's life's sake!

So here's my suggestion for the essential orgone kit:


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