Just back from the coast – what about Zimbabwe now?

Another successful ocean busting trip has been concluded with about 600 km of coast line covered with orgonite and some 4500 km driven on land.

So, for those of you who are familiar with South African geography: The whole coast from Knysna to East London was done anbd that included the 150km stretch from Port St. Francis to Plettenberg Bay, with not a single chance to even emergency land inbetween.

We are very proud of this achievement and thank all who made this possible, by contributing to the cost of this trip financially or just supporting our online business.

Thanks also to Fungai, Donald and Abri for coming along and sharing the often strenuous routine of an expedition with few leisure breaks inbetween.

Fungai and Donald who are exiled Zimbabweans were anxiuously following the news about the elections in their home country, intensely hoping for an end of the "Mugabe era".

Even though many people may rightfully say that all elections are a sham anyways and the choices limited and pre-ordained by forces behind the scene: This is so much easier to say in a relatively well off western country where at least a resemblance of law and order and predictable interactions between government and citizens is still upheld.

For Zimbabwe it would just be such an improvement to have any style of iluminati puppet government which at least manages to produce a reasonably stable fake currency like the US or Botswana and allows people to earn salaries that enable them to buy goods of daily need, let alone invest in businesses and rebuild the country.

Even though  this will be an invasion of big corporate interests and maybe it will be the desired outcome of this well orchestrated destruction of any middle class in Zim, be it white or black, the life will be more bearable and maybe we will be able to resume our orgone campaign  in Zim after all.

I have always said that Mugabe is working for MI6 and the other dirty agencies with the clear task to destroy his country's independent economic groups to make it ripe for corporate fascist takeover.

And behold, that's what's gonna happen now and because Zimbabweans have sunken so low in their expectations, they will great the takeover by BIG CORPORATE BUSINESS as a second liberation, just like the newly recruited drug addict may great his heroin-pusher as the provider of great happiness...

(until the addiction shows it's increasingly ugly face that is)


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