Orgonise Africa newsletter from 24 December 2007

Dec 27, 2007

Dear friends of Orgonise – Africa,


We wish you all a very happy Christmas and a successful and prosperous New Year.


Looking back at 2007

2007 has been a year of consolidation for us. All in all a happy year. Our orgone business has grown to a certain maturity which gives us a reasonable income. If we ever learn to put something aside for the inevitable slump, we could probably live quite comfortably. This is a very hard lesson for me, because I love to always move forward as fast as I can with everything I have. Having a boat is a sure way to absorb any possible surplus very rapidly by the way. OK, that’s gonna be a typical New Year’s resolution then. A lot of important gifting has also been accomplished with the Zambesi tour and latest water gifting efforts. We thank all of our customers and supporters for making this possible and allowing us to do what we’re doing.We are aware of this great privilege every day and very grateful for our life and the expanding possibilities we experience. Thank you universe! Thank you dear clients and supporters!


What we’re up to now

As I told you in my last letter, water gifting is still big on the agenda. Just after New Yearwe’re going down to the Western Cape to complete November’s coastal gifting, covering another 400 km from Cape Agulhas (southernmost point of Africa) to Cape Town. We’ll have to collect my boat there which is in for some repairs again. (This thing is eating me alive)I hope we will have nice weather this time. The last attempt was slowed down a lot by strong winds that created very unpleasant boating conditions. (report pending)Quickly there after we will be on a ship from Cape Town to Walvis Bay in Namibia, to cover another 1500 km of Atlantic coast.


New projects for the biz

An opportunity has arisen to get our zapper boxes and boards made in China at a very good quality and attractive prices. Of course this demands ordering much larger quantities than we ever did before.In fact, I need to mobilise some extra cash very quickly for some of these projects and to place the first order for a few thousand boards and boxes now before we go away. (The samples are here and look good)So for anyone who would like to place an order for 30 or more orgone zappers now and would be willing to wait for shipping until end of January, I will make an “irresistible” offer. Please contact me immediately if you are interested (you can finish your Christmas dinner of course) by replying to new zapper boxes will be light blue btw (colour of orgone) and look much neater than our current ones where we have still put the perforations in by hand. They will also have the Orgonise Africa logo imprinted.Maybe in the future we can even have different colours for the different types of zappers, like yellow for the gold zapper and silver grey for the Silverado. I didn’t want to make it too complicated with the first order though.I have told you about the new website at already. The content pages are up and so is the blog. We will eventually create a new shopping cart integrated into that new website, because we found the existing one is a bit difficult to navigate for many visitors.Together with this overhaul will come the creation of an entirely German speaking website with it’s own domain @ www.orgoniseafrica.deThe magic cube was finally born and we will show the prototype on our website soon. It will only be ready for order later in January.The cellphone chips turn out to be a great success. We are getting tremendously positive feedback for it from users. We have developed a new packaging in order to be able to distribute it via the health shops in South Africa. You can still order it unceremoniously lumped in a little plastic bag at a ridiculous EUR 10.00 for a set of five. Check (No more hot ears)

We also have some Year’s End goodies in stock for all others:

For the reasons mentioned above, we will focus on rewarding very big orders again this time. (Think BIG and save)If you place an order for products of more than 1000 Euro value, we’ll give you an automatic discount of an outrageous 30%! That’s over and on top of any bulk discounts that apply to single products.(What you see on the website on the product pages)There are some special product discounts as well:Our famous Orgone Howitzer ( will go for EUR 220 instead of 330. (And if it becomes part of a 1000 EUR order the 30% will apply on top of that)The Big Power Wand ( will be 135 instead of 175.And a standard CB-Base ( go for a reckless 105 Euro instead of 140.(Friederike is choking while she reads this) One Euro is presently exchanged at 1.43853 US Dollar. (Phew, that was nearer 1.30 not so long ago) You do the math.All of this is limited to 31 December 2007 midnight, South African time (GMT+2) If you’re interested in the special Zapper or zapper board deal, you’ll have to contact me asap, preferably by 27 December.


A sleeping beauty: The affiliate program

I also want to remind all those of you who have their own websites of our affiliate program. By signing up as an affiliate you can create a special link which will allow you to earn a referral bonus of 5% for every purchase a customer referred by your website will make. ( have neglected that feature a little bit lately, but will figure out the earnings of all existing affiliates just before the end of the year. Be surprised!

Latest news from the book

I have uploaded the latest corrections and authorised the book for general distribution. That means it has an ISBN number (978-1-84799-369-4) now as well. ( and will be available through the normal retail outlets soon) That includes of course Those of you who have ordered the book through our website can now download the latest fully edited version of the PDF-file. Generally, the advantage when ordering through my website is that you get the E-Book version in colour on top of the book, so you can start reading immediately while waiting for the hardcopy to arrive. ( say it will take up to 8 weeks until it will be listed at amazon. In order to shorten that period I have created a second identical edition at amazon’s own on-demand-publisher (these guys are muscling in on that market) which will be available at amazon sooner, namely in about 2 weeks. Do me a favour and search for “operation paradise” on around the 10th of January. If you find it, give it a thumbs up and a nice review.

So, that’s it for this year and we hope you will enjoy a calm and peaceful Christmas holiday and a great start into 2008, the year the changes caused by orgonite will be noticed by a lot of very normal people…

(Good bye global warming, good bye new world order)


with special greetings from Friederike. 

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