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Orgonise Africa newsletter 09 December 2007

 Dec 13, 2007 

What's new at Orgonise Africa

1. Global Warming ain’t happening here!Just now, as the global elite of disinformation has joined forces to punch out the strategy for further promotion of the so called Global Warming Agenda, we enjoy unusually cold weather with plenty of rain here in Southern Africa. My feeling is that it has something to do with our extensive water gifting activities. The Zambesi Tour has certainly tipped the scale and ended the nasty little dry spell of February and March 2007. Now with our recent ocean gifting sorties to the Kwa Zulu Natal South Coast (approx 200 km gifted every 1 km) and the Western Cape (approx 400 km gifted every 1 km) the floodgates are opened.

A detailed report of those water gifting activities is in preparation. I just haven’t been able to sort all the photos and compile all the GPS maps yet.

On our way back from the Western Cape we did some classical land gifting with some dramatic sky changes that was quite exciting.

Chemtrails have become an absolute rarity here. And that’s all of Southern Africa.

Just casually and without special emphasis this also proves beyond reasonable doubt, that these ugly stripes and checkerboard patterns have never been a "natural" effect of intense air traffic. We had them, as documented in countless of my expedition photos and we don’t have them any more, except in some very remote areas, where I haven’t done much busting yet. Funnily we encountered a few lonesome sprayers in the Karoo at our Easter trip there and again in the Karoo on our way back from the Western Cape. One wonders if the powers that be have a special vested interest in keeping this place the barren dry semi desert it presently is. Now that we’ve busted these areas, I’m sure we won’t see them there again.

The next expeditions will continue to focus on water gifting. On the agenda:

1. Continuing the work in the Western Cape coast from Cape Agulhas to Cape Town

2. By cruise ship from Cape Town to Walvis Bay (February 2008)

3.The lower Zambesi including the Cahora Bassa Reservoir in Mozambique

4. Lake Malawi

All these are big projects in themselves and we need your continued support with orders and -if you can- sponsorships to accomplish all this.

2. New Website Design We are experimenting with a new website design at www.orgoniseafrica.com. This new design incorporates a blog, which will allow us to communicate in a more casual format in the future. Eventually there will also be a new website www.orgoniseafrica.de entirely in German.The established website at www.orgonise-africa.net will remain functional and will continue to be updated with all the latest info (except the blog stuff) Check it out and tell us if you like the design. It’s by Simon Tsu, who has joined our team lately with a lot of enthusiasm and new ideas for the internet presence of Orgonise Africa.3. Product improvements and noveltiesAll power wands have gotten a 12V socket now, so you can connect it to a standard wall transformer. This has been asked for by many customers who want to let it run permanently to protect their house against scalar and electromagnetic attacks. Of course it still runs on battery as well.

The cellphone chips have become a regular product and we sell them cheap-cheap-cheap, because we think nobody should have an excuse for not having them.

We put 5 of them in a little plastic bag for just 10 Euro.

That’s what you pay for a single tachyon chip if you get one for that price at all.

New products in preparation:

a. Dodekahedron

An artist friend has finally made us a beautiful silicone mould for a perfect Dodek. First experiments are very promising.

b. The magic cube

This is a nifty little contraption.A cube of 70x70x70mm with 4 small SP crystals embedded. It has colourful LEDs that change smoothly according to selectable programmes. Put a crystal on top and watch the magic. An integrated zapper board pulses the SPs. Additionally an Audio signal from an iPod, MP3 player or other device can be fed through the crystal circuit. The cube runs on 12V DC. That little cube is a solid packet of energy.

Special ingredients: diamond dust and silver granules in the orgonite.

It will not be cheap because it’s a lot of work to make it, but it will be special.

I will soon post some photos on the web…

4. The Book

Operation Paradise is available on my website and on Lulu, http://www.lulu.com/content/1145986 to be precise.In a week’s time it should be available through the retail outlets, including amazon.com.I’m pretty proud of it, now that I hold a real hardcopy in my hand. You can probably still get it in time for Christmas (I am so immodest to think it could be a great Christmas present for your sceptical friends and relatives) because the actual printing takes place in Canada and Spain and it’s being shipped from there as well. So, of you live in Europe or North America, delivery is relatively fast.By the way: If you read the book and like it, write a friendly review on Lulu, (on the link above) that helps me promote it a bit more.

5. A Christmas present from Orgonise Africa

I don't know how or if you celebrate Christmas at all. For me it's still beset with happy childhood memories and we'll definitely have some kind of a Christmas tree (probably one of those wire contraptions the guys make and sell here on the streets) with some innocent and happy decorations, orgonite and others, and some gifts for the kiddos and ourselves underneath. Despite the vulgar commercialisation which becomes worse every year. In that spirit, Orgonise Africa will put a little extra gift in your package, when you support us with an order in these day leading up to Christmas.

Friederike has made some nice little transparent stars with silver and leaf gold, kyanite, coral and tourmaline. One of those we will slip into every parcel that is ordered from today until 24 December. If your order is equal or more than 100 Euros worth of merchandise, we will put our set of 5 cellphone chips on top of that and if it's for 250 euro or more I will send you a copy of my new book "Operation Paradise" in separate mail.

As I explained above, it will ship directly from www.lulu.com where you can also order it directly under the link Operation Paradise. If we shouldn’t get in touch before that date, we wish you a very happy and heavily orgonised Christmas.With Greetings from Friederike who’s just looking over my shoulder

Georg Ritschl 


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