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Poland decapitated

Apr 30, 2010

I'm a history buff and the history of Poland has always interested me. So no wonder I couldn't help having hunches when a plane with allegedly 60 high ranking government members crashed -of all sites- near the forest of Katyn.

The president, the boss of the reserve bank, and even more symbolically the president of Poland's last exile government in WWII dead.

Very difficult not to see a political assassination actually ritual sacrifice comes to mind.

Things are getting more complicated:

First photos from the scene show no body parts, no personal belongings. Were the 60 abducted and killed somewhere else as some suggest?

What about the pistol shots documented on a vido that makes the rounds on internet and is allegedly now being analysed by the Polish authorities: The mop up team despatching of injured but not dead survivers?

Why would someone do this? 

Could be false flag, because it's almost too easy to blame it on the old Russian Polish animosity. Sure, Russia never liked Poland joining the West where she always wanted to be before Churchil sold the polish exile military and govermnment out to Stalin. Sure, history would make this plausible. But can Russia afford such an open act of agression?


There is another narrative one level of deception deeper though:


Poland did resist overtures to keep it's currency artificially fixed to the Euro and incur a lot of government debt in the process.


Poland resisted the Swine Flu Scam and DID NOT VACCINATE it's citizens.


Was this a warning by the illuminati?

Check out this movie


And then the Vulcano story, same time line. Hitting that renitent defaulter nation Iceland...


Well, well, well...


We all know by now that not all natural disasters are natural, don't we?


The Tsunami 2005 wasn't, the Earth quake in Haiti wasn't, so what about an atomic depth charge triggering this vulcano. Just speculating of course.


Funny it was however, to find that NATO was conducting an integrated airforce manouver, involving Czech and Polish Planes with a total of 60 planes while all other planes were grounded.


Do the turbines of Eurofighters and Tornados not get messed up with that fine vulcanic ash? See this press release of the German Airforce


What else did they do?


Where they getting ready for hot war with Russia?


In Poland 1.5 Million people went onto the streets to pay their last respect to their slain president Kaczynski. Not many of these did believe that it was an accident.


Just coincidence that neither Merkel (who could have driven there easily) nor Sarkozy nor Obama came to the funeral in Krakov?


As I said, I'm just speculating, have no proof whatsooever. If it makes you follow the news with more scrutiny and discernment, this litle piece has served it's purpose.

Read between the lines!

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