This just in: Hectic springtime awakening discounts on Orgonise Africa!

 Feb 18, 2008

The New Year has not even really started and it's already almost Easter! I think we really live in accelerated times.

 Easter with Orgonise Africa

We think this year the Easter bunny wants to lay orgone eggs again!

In order to make it easier for the little bugger to do that, we have opened an almost cosmic price window for a very short time: If you order now, that is only this week until Sunday night, you get an automatic discount of 10%* on every order.

But if your order exceeds 200 Euro (approx. 293 USD) it will be 20%* off.

And if your order exceeds 500 EUR, a breathtaking 30%* will be taken off your tally.

This happens automatically as you add goodies to your shopping cart on 

There will be no extension of this deadline.

What is even more exciting is that all the bulk discounts that are applicable for certain products, are still applying on top of these radical discounts.

Just give me a second and I will give you some examples.

Also note that the shipping cost is lowest for the slowest option, namely surface mail. If your planning to use this super discount to stock up in bulk orgonite: This is your chance and it will arrive around Easter even with that slow mail option.

OK, here is an example: Take our new orgone zapper.

Retail price for one is EUR 57.50 (USD 84.45), now 51.75 (USD 76.00)

If you buy 5 this is reduced to normally EUR 48.00 (USD 70.50),now EUR 39.27 (USD 57.68) 

At 10 this normally goes down to EUR 41.50 (USD 60.95), now EUR 33.95 (USD 49.86)

And at 30 you pay only EUR 34.00 (USD 49.95) normally and now EUR 25.50 (USD 37.45)


This is really your chance if you missed the introduction price opportunity for the new zappers.

Valid only this week until 25 February

Have a look and check out how these enormous dicounts affect other products you may have been looking to buy.


*The discounts apply to product prices and not to the shipping costs.

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