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orgonite cloud buster 35mm

Cloud Buster 35mm

Orgonite Cloud Buster DIY (do it yourself) Kit

Cloud Buster Base (not for US)

Orgone "Howitzer"

A powerful combination of Orgone Power Wand and Orgonite Cloudbuster

Most ordinary people can see the Orgone energy emanating from this powerful Orgonite device.

Ideal to break clouds of electromagnetic pollution and strong EMF fields!

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Powerful Orgone "Howitzer"

The Orgone Howitzer is a powerful hybrid of Orgonite Cloud-Buster and Power Wand technology.
A 75mm (approx 3") copper pipe is loaded with a gargantuan Quartz crystal, coiled with a row of moebius knots in true Powerwand fashion and embedded in Orgonite. We have added several healing minerals and gemstones for extra benefit.

This assembly is then embedded in a conical Orgonite base - see below.
The Orgone Howitzer comes standard with a 15Hz pulser box, driven by a 9V battery. This can be connected to the included 12V Power adaptor (choose between 110V US Standard and 220V Euro-plug). The 9V battery is then automatically disconnected.

For easier shipping we are now cutting the main pipe in 2 lengths with a 75mm connector.

Orgone Blaster

The Orgone power output is enormous and even the average observer is very likely to see the energy "aura" emanating from this pipe. We haven't yet tested all possible applications, but it definitely has an immediate clearing effect on your atmosphere. It seems to be particularly good in breaking electromagnetic interference with the weather.

Radionics uses and distant healing as with a Power Wand will surely be much enhanced. (Read more about scalar waves and pulsed Orgone Generators here...)

Please allow up to 2 weeks for manufacture.

Length of pipe 1200mm
Overall length approx 1350mm

Orgone Howitzer
Schematic of Blaster components included in this product.

Dimensions: height - 1225mm, diameter - 180mm
(This product is handmade and the final product might differ slightly)

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