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andalusite orgone pendant

Andalusite Pendant

Orgonite christmas tree deco

2 Orgone Snow Flakes

Orgone Key Ring

Orgonite keyring or dog collar tag - Introduce Orgonite into your everyday life.

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Incorporate Orgonite into your everyday life with this lovely Orgonite Keyring.

There are many ways to carry Orgonite around with you in an inconspicuous fashion. And the simple truth is: the more the better.

This lovely keyring is just another one. It also doubles up nicely as a tag for your beloved pet's collar. It has a very vitalising effect on animals. So much so that we had to take it off from our small dog because he was getting to excited...

For personal protection I recommend at least the following:

- Wear an Orgonite Pendant! Which ever one you prefer according to your affinity to certain healing stones
- Have your cellphone protected by a Minishield
- Get one of these keyrings

Of course you could also carry a Towerbuster in your pocket all the time (I know some people who do that), but that's certainly not for everyone.

The composition of the keyring is similar to the small Orgone pendant:

Apart from the decorative dolphin motive and the Orgonite the keyring contains the following crystals and gemstones:

- Quartz
- Amethyst
- Turquoise
- Garnet
- Chrysoprase (dust)


  • General stimulation of bioenergetic field to increase energy
    - Protection against EMF
    - Protection against psychic attack ("energy vampires")
    - Turquoise is traditionally believed to be a stone that protects us from mishaps while travelling - so it's great to have on you or in the car at all times!

Dimensions: height - 10mm, diameter - 29mm
(This product is handmade and the final product might differ slightly)

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