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Orgone Howitzer

Orgone "Howitzer"

Cloud Buster 35mm

The bigger the better - Maxi Orgonite Cloudbuster with 35mm pipes and larger crystals!

Powerful Orgone Generator with 6 copper pipes 1800 x 35 mm in Orgonite base. Converts stagnant etheric energy into lively sparkling positive Orgone Energy over a radius of more than 50 km.

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Orgonite Cloudbuster Maxi!

The bigger the better: That's certainly true for all things Orgonite related. This Cloud Buster is made like the Standard Don Croft Orgonite CB, only with 6 x 35 mm pipes and subsequently larger crystals.

Experience shows that the resonant volume of the pipes together with the volume of Orgonite is what's responsible for the amount of negative energy (DOR) that can be converted to positive life energy (POR) by the CB.

The pipes are embedded in an Orgonite base, augmented with aditional gemstones. Each pipe is capped at the embedded end and has a double terminated crystal fitted at the bottom.

These standard Cloudbusters have been built and tested by thousands of people worldwide with a lot of experience and feedback available on different forums. We consider them THE most powerful and effective tool for large-scale environmental healing using Orgonite. 

Typical effects reported are:

- increased rainfall in drought areas

- increased plantgrowth

- increased animal fertility and health

- reduced pollution incl. the so called "chemtrails"

- general improvement of the ambient etheric energy field with a multitude of mental and health effects

Depending on the levels of electromagnetic pollution and general energetic conditions the effects of standard Cloudbusters have been reported to be noticable over distances of far more than 50 km. Combined with other Orgonite devices, a few CBs can restore a healthy Orgone field in a whole region or small country.

We have used them ourselves on our Orgone Gifting Expeditions (read more here...), where we usually combine one Cloudbuster with several hundred Towerbusters. This has proven to be the most effective method to energise whole countries and reverse terrible drought patterns.

Our theory is this: While the Cloudbuster works particularly in the higher levels of the atmosphere to orgonise a very large area, the Towerbusters assure the necessary "ground cover" by being placed near all mobile phones and places of negative energy in the area that the Cloudbuster is placed in. 

If you want to start gifting on a large scale, have a look at our Massive Orgone Starter Kit to get all the gifting essentials at a discounted price!

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