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Orgonite Pyramid XL

3 Orgonite Earth Needles

3 Orgonite Earth Needles

Food Charging Plate

Energise your food with the power of Orgonite!

Orgonite Food Charging Plate with: 12 Quartz crystals, Sugar Dolomite crumbs, SBB coil with neodymium magnet, Gold leaf and traces of valuable high nutrient Superfoods. This plate will energise your food, water and so much more and has the most amazing healing applications. 

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Food Charging Plate

This energising, vitalising Orgonite  plate is not only a pleasure to look at, but also very powerful.

The tried and trusted combination of SBB coil and Neodymium Magnet serves to move and vitalise the energy and push it upwards into your food.

We've added valuable Superfoods to the Orgonite mix. Similar to crystals, the Superfoods have powerful vibrations that are carried by the Orgonite and nourish and vitalise your food - and thus your body.


Quartz crystal points: Uplifting, Creative, Strengthening.

Dolomite: Deacidifying, Relaxing, Antispasmodic.

Gold leaf: warming, invigorating, anxiety relieving

decorative turquoise beads and inlays of colored howlite

SBB spiral of copper wire: gets the energy moving

Neodymium Magnet: Directs the flow of energy

Superfood mix: contains raw cacao, moringa, maca root, boabab, mesquite among others . These condensed nutrients cover all the needs of the body.


The bottom is covered with selfadhesive felt in a beautiful turquoise color to protect your table top against scratches.

Healing applications:

After many years of experience with this plate, we recommended the use particularly for insomnia, anxiety, agitation and tension. It is best to place the plate with the top directly on the heart chakra while lying down and then breathe deeply. Here the relaxing and antispasmodic effect of the dolomite comes to full fruition.

Colour: blue (may vary in hue as they are made by hand)

Dimensions: height - 10mm, diameter - 152mm
(This product is handmade and the final product might differ slightly)