Orgonite Pyramid XL

3 Orgonite Earth Needles

3 Orgonite Earth Needles

Food charging plate

Energise your food with the power of Orgonite!

Orgonite Food Charging Plate with: 12 Quartz crystals, crushed Dolomite, SBB coil with neodymium magnet, Gold leafand traces of valuable high nutrient Superfoods thatwill energise your water jar or bowl of fruits (or whatever you put on it) with positive Orgone energy.

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Our Orgonite food energising (charging) plate is not only a pleasure to look at, but also very powerful.

The tried and trusted combination of SBB coil and Neodymium Magnet serves to move and vitalise the energy and push it upwards into your food.

We've added valuable Superfoods to the Orgonite mix. Similar to crystals, the Superfoods have powerful vibrations that are carried by the Orgonite and nourish and vitalise your food - and thus your body.

The following ingredients add to the vital mix of subtle energy overtones:

- Crushed Dolomite: great for strengthening bone, hair and nails and also protecting your energy against sapping, depleting influences

- Gold leaf: Protective, Soothing and warming, Symbolizes confidence and wealth

- 12 madagascar needle Quartz crystals: arranged like rays around the central coil - this is radiant energy for the whole house and beyond; Quartz strengthens the revitalising effects of the Orgonite.

- Superfoods: We add crumbs of highly nutritious supefoods to the mix, such as raw Cocoa, Mesquite (White Carob), Lucuma, Maca, Taheebo and Cinnamon.

- Underside covered with beautiful South Africa Shweshwe fabric to protect your table top against scratches. (pattern used subject to changes)


Approximate dimensions: d=160mm h=25mm

Colour: blue (may vary in hue as they are made by hand)