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To Russia with Love

To Russia with Love (and Orgonite)

orgonite expedition to St Petersburg, Russia

Why Russia?

Russia is experiencing a national renaissance on many levels.

Spiritually it can be seen in the enormous resonance that the remarkable Anastasia Books are having in the country, but also in the resurgence of the orthodox faith.

(which is not subordinated to Rome!)

Anastasia - part of Russia's remarkable rebirth

The Anastasia Movement - connecting to the motherland. 90% of Russia's Potatoes, over 50% of all vegetables and a lot of it's meat and dairy are produced by organic gardeners, the famous "dachniks". The Planting and proliferation of GM crops has been made a criminal offense. Hello?!

Economically and politically Russia is recovering from the deep turmoil caused by the break up of the Soviet Union.

Russia is asserting its rightful place at the table of the great and powerful nations again and forming strong alliances with other independent minded nations that want to break out of the unipolar Washington dicate.

And what is even more exciting, there are strong indications that this is more than a game amongst the ever same-same cabal, but that Russia under Putin is striving for the right to chart it's own destiny outside the macabre designs of the international bankster cabal that runs the show in the West.

That is the reason why Putin is loved and supported by the vast majority of the Russian people and increasingly popular with alternative minded people in the West.

vladimir putin

Satan impersonated to some and the greatest hope for a more sane world to others: President Putin of Russia 

Internationally, Russia now stands for a more classical understanding of international law that respects the actual old fashioned idea of the souvereignty of Nations, a concept that has been systematically eroded by in the West through doctrines like "responsibility to protect", a blanket excuse for limitless interventionism with a threadbare humanitarian justification.

(like bombing Libya to smitherenes and tossing it into an abyss of faction fighting and terrorism in order to establish "democracy" there, while stealing it's gold and other assets)

There are even deeper underlying narratives: As some of you may know, the communist revolution in 1917 was largely financed by the same banksters (Warburg/Rothschild et al) who own the Federal Reseve System in the US and control most other central banks worldwide. The countries where they don't, are normally the ones that get bombed.

In return for this leg up, that worked very profitably for the banksters, they got the right to run the Russian central bank for 100 years.

You see: this is running out in 2017.

By that time the banksters want one in charge that is dancing to their tune and Putin doesn't.

Rumours are out that Putin does not intend to extend the right to create Russia's money supply to the cabal beyond that date.

No wonder that Russia is seen as threat to the System!

So we decided on a first visit by sea because sea gifting has proven to be powerful and effective on a large scale.

The Baltic Sea is connecting Germany, Poland, Lithuania, Estonia, Finland, Latvia, Sweden and Denmark, a region that has lately been subject to much hysteria and tension in the wake of the Western engineered Ukraine crisis.

The real purpose of this crisis is of course not anything to do with Ukraine or the highly divergent aspirations of their different population groups, but a wish of the American elites (call them neocons or whatever you like) to prevent a too cosy relationship between Germany and Russia.

Many people know that this is the biggest geopolitical fear of the Anglo American power Axis as such an alliance would mean the immediate dethronement of the present Post WWII world order, or shall we say the post Cold War world order. Recently Russia has drawn a line in the sand in Syria and astounded the West with the professionalism of its newly refurbished military. No more regime change and destruction of nations via proxy wars and "islamic terrorists" who are in fact acting as the West's unwitting mercenaries, often without knowing who finally their sponsor is.

All of this is the reason why we decided to turn our attention towards Russia and contribute as much as we can to defusing the rising tension between Russia and the increasingly dysfunctional West as well as boost the spirit of Russia.



residential buildings in Eastern Ukraine shelled by NATO sponsored Ukrainian "Army"


 Pictures reminiscent of Stalingrad 1941: The former airport of Donezk in 2015

Orgonite is a peacemaker and facilitator of creative transition into a better, more cooperative state of mind. It is never directed "against" anyone, so you don't have to share my geopolitical views or my enthiusiasm for the leadership of Vladimir Putin in order to applaud our latest foray.

The Baltic is the space where Russia connects to Europe

itinerary of our orgonite gifting tour in the Baltic Sea

Our itinerary, covering most of the Baltic Sea from Kiel, germany to St Petersburg, Russia

Water gifting is a most powerful way to orgonise large areas. We have done this again and again in Africa by various means, using our own zodiac or by means of participating in tourist cruises of various kinds and durations. In this way we have by now gifted most navigable  water ways in Southern Africa as well as laid a 4000km necklace of orgonite around the Southern tip of our continent from the mouth of the Congo River on the Atlantic side to Bazaruto Island on the Indian Ocean side of Africa.

here is a list with links to our past water gifting adventures:

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Gifting by cruise ship is a particularly elegant way of getting "maximum bang for the buck", covering large distances in the deep seas with minimum effort and exposure to scrutiny. Really a fun way of getting it done. So, when tensions directed at Russia reached a high point with the false flag downing of Malaysian Airways flight MH17 over Ukraine and the subsequent propaganda onslaught, we decided to do something urgently and effectively. The Baltic Sea is historically the space where Russia first asserted herself as a major European power in the Great Northern War against Sweden at the time of Peter The Great. Sweden was then the dominant power in Northern Europe and even though small in population, dominated the Noerthern German States and Poland, the Baltic States and into present day Ukraine. Sea gifting is mostly an undramatic affair because the orgone charge  penetrates slowly and the effects are much more long term than abrupt. We had approximately 400 TBs on board of which probably 300 were gifted into the sea, the other 100 distributed in the 4 great northern cities we visited within the space of this one week, namely Talinn, St. Petersburg, Helsinki and Stockholm. After landing back in Kiel, Germany, we spent a few more days in Luebeck, where we did additional gifting.So let me take you along on a visual journey:

Embarcation hall in Kiel

The ship

The upper deck

heading out

First sunset on sea

At anchor in Tallinn

TAllinn city gate

Tallinn - medieval gate

Scenic street scape in Tallinn

The dream team

Friederike, Kika and Benji in Tallinn

dragon spout

Reptilian symbolism at Tallinn city hall

Russian church in Tallinn

Modern flood gate at entrance to St. Petersburg harbour

WWII fortification in St. Petersburg harbour

Intimidating foreign delegates and ambassadors with the sheer mass of gold: Katharina's reception hall in the summer palace.

Katharina in front of her famous namesake (2 great Katharinas in 1 pic)

Make no mistake: Russia is a rich country! (gilded details at the Eremitage)

Gifting Petersburg's ample waterways by tourist boat - way to go! (champagne from Crimea included)

Scenic waterfront on the Neva

Admirality St Petersburg

St Isaac's Cathedral from the water


HAARP clouds dissolving over Peter and Paul fortress

City of canals and waterways: ideal for gifting


Nice photo of Friederike

More opportunities to plop one in

Team Selfie on way to Helsinki - all dressed up for the gala diner


HAARP clouds over Helsinki

Approaching Stockholm

US embassy in Stockholm - got some gifts placed nearby


The Team in Stockholm's old town



I so love pictures of George the Dragon Slayer - my namesake and inspiration. This one is in Stockholm.

Like a neutron bombed army - Wacken after 3 day onslought of low vibration music with heavy satanic symbolism.


We felt it needed some gifting


And finally: some more water gifting in Luebeck


Wonderful confirmation - first sighting of bottlenosed dolphins in the Baltic since the 1880s As you probably know, dolphins love orgonite. (ok, now you know!)While silverback dolphins have regularly been spotted in the Baltic Sea, the bottlenosed dolphins were last reported around 1890, some 125 years ago! What excitement then, when a pod of dolphins was spotted entering the Baltic sea through the Skagerak and continuously progressing Eastwards. We git this news from a Polish friend.  Polish newspapers, TV and internet sites were buzzing with the news when the Aquarium and marine biological institute in Gdansk reported on the sightings.  While we haven't heard anything from Russia yet, I'm quite sure they went all the way to St. Petersburg.

Many people think that dolphins are beings of high consciousness and my intuitions says they are right. we once had the pleasure of swimming amongst a pod of bottlenosed dolphins in Zanzibar and I will never forget the elating sensation of hearing their sounds under water. It feels like it's creating a transparent 3-dimensional image of the under water sea scape and also is very energising.

Sightings of the bottle nosed dolphins in the Baltic started during our tour


This photo was taken near Gdansk, Poland

It has taken me many days to sift through 100s of photos, one more gorgeous than the other to tell this story, and so much had to be omitted. If you like to see more, check out my St Petersburg Album on facebook.



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