orgonite miniwand with pulsed quartz crystal

Miniwand 35mm

,Quartz Breakage

500g Quartz Breakage

Miniwand 28mm

The Orgonite Miniwand - a travel-friendly version of our Powerwand!

Use for manifestation, intention amplification, "boosting", deeper meditaion and energy healing.

!!! ONLY AVAILABLE IN JACARANDA BLUE LEATHER !!! no red leather option at the moment.

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The Orgonite Miniwand is your ideal travel companion for protection, meditation and energy healing.

All of our Orgonite Wands have a mobius coiled crystal embedded in Orgonite. That's the common principle. The Orgonite makes the bristling energy of this "SP-crystal" much smoother and stronger, depending on size of course.

This handy little Orgonite wand has many of the characteristics of the big Powerwand, but it can be held in one hand or carried in the pocket.

It contains at its core a slender crystal of 80-120mm length, coiled with 3-4 moebius knots. The crystal is embedded in an Orgonite matrix inside a 28mm copper tube. At the bottom, a copper plate seals it off.



Use the Orgonite Miniwand for the following applications: 





You can read more about the applications of our pulsed Orgone devices right here.


Additional gemstones:

- a 3-8mm Amethyst: Promotes sobriety and concentration, processing of experiences and perceptions 

- Garnet: Perseverance in difficult situations, community spirit, stimulates libido

- Hematite: Grounding, heightens confidence, aids cardiovascular system

The wand is sheathed in leather for a pleasant touch and feel.


It comes with a short cable and plug matching the sockets in all our Zappers.

A separate zapper (not included) is needed to operate the Mini Wand. All our zappers are suitable for this.

Ideal for the travelling Orgone Guerilla as it fits in the pocket of a coat or jacket easily.

!!! ONLY AVAILABLE IN JACARANDA BLUE LEATHER !!! no red leather option at the moment.

Dimensions: length - 140mm, diameter - 28mm
(This product is handmade and the final product might differ slightly)

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