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Orgonite Towerbuster Dirty Harry

Towerbuster Dirty Harry

Orgonite Cloudbuster Don Croft Design

Cloud Buster 28mm

Orgonite TB Slick Jim

The "Slick Jim" Orgonite Towerbuster is ideal for energising your home and surroundings. 

It is one of the simplest Orgonite tools and comes in various bright colours with a smooth surface.

**Colours depend on availability.


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The "Slick Jim" Orgonite Towerbuster is the ideal energiser for your home!

The Orgonite Towerbuster is the universal Orgonite tool in environmental gifting and vitalisation. Neutralise stagnant negative energies from cellphone towers, HAARP arrays and other sources of "bad vibes". 

The "Slick Jim" Towerbuster variant is colourful and smooth, and great for applications inside the house (put one in every room, on your water inlet, your electrical connection, your TV and your computer screen) The serious gifter buys them in bulk!

They also make great gifts for friends and relatives!

The difference between the "Dirty Harry" variant and the "Slick Jim" is that "Slick Jims" are selected for a relatively smooth surface and the sharp edges are sanded off.

They are however not necessarily completely flawless and they are not polished! Natural small resin bubbles may occur in the surface, as well as the occasional small piece of aluminium filings sticking out - this does not diminish their effectiveness in the least.

Colours: Assorted mix of bright colours

Dimensions: height - 23mm, diameter - 64mm
(This product is handmade and the final product might differ slightly)

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