Orgone Jet Set Kit

Orgone Jet Set Kit

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Zapper Strap

Personal Healing Kit

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This personal orgonite kit consists of 1 St Buster's Button, an Orgone Zapper with Miniwand, Minishield Orgonite cellphone protector and a sugilite orgonite pendant. This is a very powerful combination of tools for your personal healing and also the healing of others, whether you are in a healing profession yourself or just wanting to take responsibility for your own dis-ease free well being.

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Orgone tools for personal Healing and Wellbeing!

The personal orgone healing kit concentrates on your personal well being. The SBB or "Saint Buster's Button" is a powerful energising tool to stimulate and energise your chakras or any part of the body aflicted by an ailment.

It also is a beautiful work of orgone art.

The Miniwand 28 mm in combination with the orgone zapper creates a pulsed orgone field that protects you from electromagnetic and psychic interference. It can also be used as an "intent amplifying" mediation tool. The focused energy can further be used for direct healing when pointed at parts of your body.

A zapper is a must for every person or family. It serves as you first line of defense against disease. Many people have reported great successes in reversing even severe conditions with the help of a zapper. The CS-kit adds a capacity to create simple colloidal silver in your home at a low expense. 

A personal healing kit would not be complete without the Minishield Orgonite Cellphone Radiation Protector and an orgonite pendant to protect your auric field. We have chosen the sugilite pendant for this package because of it's high vibration and spiritual qualities.

And what is even more exciting: You can get the constituents of this personal orgone healing package at 15% discount to the prices of the single items ordered separately.

The personal orgone healng kit could be ideally combined with the Jet Set Traveller's Kit as healing your immediate environment is part of your personal healling process.