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Ordering from Orgonise Africa is easy: 

We accept payments via credit card (via PayPal) and PayPal, bank payments and most cryptocurencies.

Shipping is free for orders over 100 British pounds or approx 120 Euro, 130 USD or 1900 South African Rand.

Please choose your language and currency

The website is presently translated into French, German and Spanish to varying degrees. Wherever the translation is not yet available, the content will be shown in English.  

You can choose your currency here:

SP crystal for healing

International shipping, customs and taxes

We are shipping from South Africa, using DHL express. 

In many countries, especially those of the EU, import VAT is being charged on goods coming from outside this trade block. 

Wherever we know the VAT (or sales tax, BTW or whatever its called) rate of a country, we have now incorporated this in our database. 

In other words, you pay us the VAT applicable to your country and we take care of the whole customs procedure via DHL. So any fees or extra customs charges are on us. 

When no tax is charged to your order and your country does charge some kind of import duty, this would still be your responsibilty to pay.       

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  1. Orgonite Fireball Quickview
  2. Mockingjay Pendant Quickview
  3. Silver & Shungite Buster Quickview
  4. Blue Keshe Brick Quickview
  5. Silver & Shungite Pyramid Quickview
  6. Cloud Buster 28mm Quickview
  7. Flower of Love Pendant Quickview
  8. Smart Meter Shield Quickview
  9. Tree of Life Pendant Quickview
  10. 3 Orgonite Earth Needles
  11. Food Charging Plate Quickview
  12. Orgonite Pyramid XL Quickview
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72 items

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