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Orgonite Towerbuster Dirty Harry

Towerbuster Dirty Harry

The Dolphin Buster

The Orgonite Dolphin Buster is the ideal tool for water and ocean gifting!

This Orgonite tool is made with special, highly water resistant resin, making the Dolphin Buster friendly to marine life.

It contains a coiled, double-terminated Quartz crystal for extra environmental healing benefits.

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The Orgonite Dolphin Buster is the ideal Orgonite gifting tool for all water and ocean gifting!

A compact Orgone generator with "sand clock" coiled double-terminated Quartz crystal and additional healing stones for ocean gifting. Made with highly water resistant special resin.

This piece of Orgonite is very light and thus easy to make. It is best suited for water gifting, for example on a cruise. We started gifting bodies of water with Orgonite several years ago when we realised that water does in fact transmit and carry information - which applies to the positive, vitalising Orgone energy as well, of course!

We started off by throwing simple Towerbusters in dry riverbeds on our 2004 Namibia expedition, and were astounded at the rainfall-unlocking effects that these actions had!

Since then, we have surrounded the entire Southern African coastline with Orgonite, from Namibia all the way around, up to the north of Mozambique. We've also gifted most greater Southern African rivers and Lakes - including the Zambezi river, Lake Malawi, the Vaal Dam (South Africa's most important water reservoir) and many others.

We noticed that dolphins, which are highly intelligent and energy-sensitive creatures, react very positively and would show up wherever we gifted the ocean (most recently on our Baltic Sea cruise, where dolphins had not been sighted for over 100 years - they showed up out of the blue following the same route that our cruise took!).

That is why we decided to develop this powerful Orgonite Dolphin Buster to heal the environment starting from the oceans.

As with all of our gifting tools, discounts apply when you order in bulk - great news if you're looking to start gifting Orgonite en masse! 

Dimensions: height - 50mm, diameter - 65mm
(This product is handmade and the final product might differ slightly)