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Small Muti Orgonite Pendant

Muti Pendant S

Orgonite Bundle with African herbal medicine

Muti Orgonite Bundle

The Muti Orgone Brick

Orgonite with African healing power

The Muti orgonite block combines the healing power of orgonite with traditional African healing. Protection against black magic!

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Orgonite and African Medicine

The Muti orgonite block with a full size SBB coil and a north facing neodymium magnet is a fusion of the St. Busters Button idea with the Muti orgonite.

The Muti orgonite block is slightly larger than the similar large Muti orgonite amulet and therefore considerably stronger.
The Muti orgonite block is a powerful healing tool to place on the body for invigoration and healing. It is also wonderful to just hold in your hand or have lying around the room somewhere, apart from being very beautiful to look at.

Just play with it and see what it does for you!

Here is a list of the components of the Muti orgonite block and their special effects:

  • The gold-plated Muti Cross: contains the African healing herb mixture of NaDlonge. 
  • Kaurie shells: used to be used as money in Africa. a symbol and propagator of wealth and abundance.
  • Hematite-garnet-quartz rock from Kuruman: this mixed rock is found in the form only in Kuruman. The hematite promotes vitality, zest for life and production of red blood cells, the garnet perseverance in difficult situations, community spirit and libido.
  • Quartz is a standard component of orgonite. It amplifies the orgone energy produced and helps to distribute it widely.
  • SBB coil: Stimulation of the heart chakra
  • Neodymium magnet: Magnets have a well documented healing power. In harmony with orgonite, the penetration of deeper areas of the body with the positive orgone energy is enhanced.
  • Black Tourmaline: Stimulates energy flow, natural painkiller, relaxing, neutalises negative effects of radiation.
  • Amethyst: concentration and mental clarity, inner peace
  • Double pointed quartz crystal 20-30mm: Antenna, amplifies the effect of orgonite
  • Orgonite: The most important component of all our healing tools. Orgonite is a mixture of metal filings and resin that transforms stagnant negative etheric energy (DOR) into life-enhancing positive orgone energy. (POR)

Dimensions: 123 x 56 x 20 mm or 4.84" x 2.20" x 0.79".

*All dimensions approximate - Product is handmade - Final product may look different from photo.