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Essential Orgonite

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Save 15% on Essential Orgonite!

The basic Orgonite that you shoud have around your house at 15% below normal website prices if you take the whole pack. Put some TBs around your house, have a powerful HHG and protect yourself with an Orgone Zapper, an orgonite pendant and a minishield for your phone.

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Don't go for less Orgonite!

Check my little write up here for some basic recommendations on how to start orgonising your house and immediate surroundings. We recommend you put one Orgonite - TB in each corner of your property as a first measure of protection. Put one directly attached to the main water pipe where it enters your house or outside. Piped water has been found to be a major carrier of negative energy these days. Same goes for your main electricity DB board. Put a TB in there.

We recommend this number of 12 "Dirty Harry" and 4 "Slick Jim" Orgonite TBs in order to give you some options. You should definitely bust all cellphone towers within 5 km around your house in order to prevent them from harming you. In order to do that you just place a single orgonite TB nearby. If need be it is still effective up to 500m from the tower. They can be hidden in dense bush or foliage or dug in to avoid overzealous gardeners clearing them away.

The "Slick Jim" version is not different in it's energetic effects, but we thought to include 4 for places in your house where you want them to be more esthetically appealing.

Put one TB on your TV set, one near computer monitors. If you feel you should still be using a microwave oven (don't) please put one there. Better ban that mini nuke from your life sphere!

It is turning your food into radioactive waste.

The Orgonite HHG is a powerful orgone generator. It is the centerpiece of your little assembly. Put it in your living room or bed room. The choice is yours. It is very powerful and will positively affect an area much larger than your house anyways. So position is not overly critical.

Some very energy sensitive people or dowsers are however capable of optimising the effect by placing orgonite directly onto geopathic stress lines (negative energy lines) If you have this ability or know such a person, you can achieve even more decisive improvements. But even without such fine tuning the effect of placing orgonite in and around your house is tremendous.

Every family or person should have an orgone zapper as first line of defense against disease. The Orgone Zapper Standard is a trusted and cost effective choice. You may upgrade to include the El Silverado Zapper with the silver electrodes instead.

And last but not least, you should have a Minishield orgonite cellphone protection on your phone. Check out this experiment we have done on how the minishield changes the influence of cellphone radiation on plant growth.

A small orgonite pendant gives you protection against negative energy fields as you move around town, be they caused by EMF or emotional por psychic negativity. This little pendant is boosting your personal bio-energy field, also known as "Aura".

And the coolest thing of all:

By buying these essentials in one package you are buying the constituents at a 15% reduced price compared to buying them separately.

Additional Information

Manufacturer Orgonise Africa

Customer Reviews

You have won over two skeptics Review by Nikola
The workings exceeded my orgone expectations.
I wake up energized and ready to, and this after just one night of use.
The stuff works magic, never had such a peaceful night rest before in my life.
The same with my 76 year old mother, best night rest ever, "this stuff really works".
You just convinced two "suspicious" customers who were unsure of all the orgone stories were true. (Posted on 22/02/2017)
Great starter Review by Marco
Thank you. This is a very good starter for newbie like myself at good price. Something good is happening after placing in my home and go out gifting a few TB. The sky around my home is more blue and less cloud lately. basically I am positive person even without orgonite but now the state becoming more strong and stable now.
Still learning and experience the true power of orgonite, will order more soon. (Posted on 22/07/2016)
excellent stuff Review by anna
I was sceptical at first, but when I received my order things started to change- First, the minute delivery guy gave me the parcel I couldn't stop smilling, I just felt instant joy for no reason!Then , when we placed the stuff around the house and started wearing the neclaces , our sleep was deeper, more rejuvenating and kids stopped waking up during the night ( they're 9 and 4 yrs old).I even placed one of the dirty harrys in my herb garden (constantly attacked by slugs) and guess what-they just stopped coming there!hard to believe but something great is in this stuff!thanks a lot Orgonise Africa:) (Posted on 18/11/2015)
Great stay with value for money Review by Marius Botha
I am very happy on my purchase of these products and will buy more and upgrade to bigger items in range ,
I can see a change in the garden and above sky , the greyness of EMF pollution is less , I must stil gift the cell towers in my area and work (Posted on 28/09/2015)
Thank you! Review by Nikolina Uzunova
Thank you very much for fast and well packaced delivery. I felt the impact of my minishield for cell phone immediately - significantly less tension at the end of the day , despite having to use your mobile phone long. Pendant is very beautifull and I ware it all the time. Still exploring other orgonits, but I'm feeling very excited! (Posted on 24/08/2015)
What a terrific energy boost! Review by Barbara Sisco
Dear Georg, Frederieke and all of Orgonise Africa Family/Team,

Your customer service is impeccable and we thank you for this lovely set up for the home. We know each item has been made with care and love. :)

The postman even had a big smile as he handed the package to my husband. :)
It is truly amazing how much more alive and vibrant the energy feels in the house and in the yard, I can't expound on that enough, AMAZING!!! We are seeing more birds, butterflies and friendly people. The orgonite also has helped to energise us during waking hours, yet we are sleeping more soundly and feeling more rested.

Ralphs' lungs were attacked by something several years ago, he is wearing the zapper and doing quite well, for which we are so grateful. Thank you team, we are grateful for each and every one of you!
(Posted on 19/08/2015)
love the products, Review by Leslie Valentine
Feeling less stressed at the end of the day with the disk placed on my work computer. Wearing the pendant I feel more energized. Love the products. (Posted on 17/05/2014)
It is essential! Review by Jake
We feel better & dormant plants began growing like mad with these in the house & yard. Enough for the house, yard and some for gifting! Sweet zapper too. Great energy at a good price. Thanks much! (Posted on 14/05/2014)
Great kit to get started Review by Robert Kabir-Clark
Save yourself some time and money. You are going to want more and more orgonite so at least order this economical bundle. I used the free shipping and it took about three weeks. I am very happy with the quality and workmanship. And your purchases help the Orgonise Africa movement that is part of our planet that is in need. So everybody wins! (Posted on 14/05/2014)
More Relaxed feeling Review by Sonja Engelbrecht
The energy in my house have changed since Iv'e been using these organite products.
My cats and dogs health has improved and my family have a more relaxed feeling in the and around the house. (Posted on 14/05/2014)
Great stuff, this! Review by Jake
Lovely energy for the home, office & a bit for gifting. A great bundle at a great price! Thanks much! (Posted on 26/04/2014)
Orgonite is Truly Amazing Review by Orgone 808
Having ordered this with free shipping, I had been so patiently ( not really ) awaiting the arrival of this package. This evening I drove home from work tired and with stress and stomach pain. As I turned onto my street I said, OMG! The orgonite is here! It surprised me that I could feel its strong energy field that clearly that I had total certainty it was here...and it had arrived! What a delight to see each piece and feel each piece. They are so beautiful, and the energy streaming from them is undeniable. As I studied each one I realized my body pain had gone, my mind was relaxed, and I felt energized and peaceful. I scattered the TBs to the four corners of my condo, I took my zapper and tied it on and fired it up. What fun this will be to see all the effects of this awesome energy! I can't wait until morning to locate my cell towers and bust them, and to start making my own orgonite, and helping the planet and all the people around me. Thank you so much for your help in making our planet safer, our people stronger, and for your persistently devoted etheric warrior team. The Essential Orgonite is the perfect way to start exploring this energy. There is so much in the package that it covers all the basics at a reasonable price and will give you the energy boost to start your own journey into planetary orgone healing. It is truly amazing! (Posted on 13/02/2014)
ok Review by rocio goyanes
Great!! (Posted on 08/01/2014)
Household orgone kit Review by garden gnome
what a pleasure to receive this beautiful package.And where to begin with review?
I'll start with first observations; upon surveying all the goodies with a radiant smile, i doused the energy field
(as i'm not overly sensitive), omg the pendulam was spinning horizontally a long way out. The hhg's certainly are powerful !
It seems organite also clears all forms of stagnant energy as i found myself spontainiously clearing my cluttered table.
Dirty Harrys were placed as suggested in the evening, confirmation came at dawn with sylphs playing in a clear blue sky,
wasn't expecting that from what i considered a small amount of organite, love this stuff !
So if you're considering the Essential Organite pack, go for it, ya cant go wrong.
It would make a great present for family, friend, or loved one.
Give what you yourself would like to recieve, is my motto.
Enjoy the journey , much love. (Posted on 07/11/2013)

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Essential Orgonite