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Global meltdown or what?

Oct 12, 2008

Dear friends,

Many even in the orgone network seem to be a bit stunned by the rapid unravelling of the financial system.But wasn’t it clear that this had to happen some time?After all, the financial system we live in at least since the clandestine founding of the privately owned Federal Reserve System in 1913 with it’s license to create money out of nothing is a licensed pyramid scheme and all pyramid schemes must come to an end one day.

We don’t know if this one is yet the end of the game or just a serious rumble in in the tectonics of this house of cards. But end it must if we are to have a healthy way of exchanging goods and services ever again.So, relax, all the factories, the resources and the knowledge to produce goods are still there and will be still there in few weeks when the smoke is blown away.

The world needs orgonite healing more than ever if we want to make this a smooth landing.Every crisis bears in it the promise of change and opportunity. Hence the pictorial signs in the Chinese language are the same for “crisis” and “change”.You may have noticed, that all our prices expressed in US-Dollar have gone down considerably in the last 2 weeks. That is due to the weak Rand, our home currency, in which our prices are calculated.

The US-Dollar and other international currencies get adjusted automatically. Customers who think in US-dollar terms are now getting a “discount” of about 20% without us getting any less in our own currency. A window of opportunity and a win-win situation for all.I am expecting the Rand to move up again soon, because our economic fundamentals here are very good and the Sout African banking system is much better off than the American one.As a statement of optimism I am giving away 200 Rand worth of goodies to everyone who orders something on our website from now until the end of Sunday 19 October.You just have to type in the coupon code “meltdown” in the appropriate little box when checking out.

Enough talk about economy now, let’s do some orgonising!

See you in our shop.

All the best

Georg Ritschl

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