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Large Orgone Muti Pendant (with bag)

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Muti Pendant L

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African Muti Orgonite Pendant with: African Medicinal Herbs (Muti), Black Tourmaline, Quartz, Garnet, Cowrie shells.

Wear for: Protection from EMF radiation, Black magic and psychic attacks, Grounding and connection to Mother nature.

Muti is the African term for traditional medicine. Our Muti is prepared by a traditional African healer here in South Africa.



This beautiful Orgonite Pendant is a powerful protector against electromagnetic radiation (EMF) and other negative energies and etheric interference. 


All of our Orgonite Pendants strengthen your bioenergetic field (Aura), revitalise your body and protect you from harmful influences such as electromagnetic radiation (EMF) or negative energies.

This beautiful new Orgonite creation features the Muti powder from traditional healer NaDlonge with Hematite and crumbs of Garnet from Kuruman and an SBB mini coil. The pendant is beaded on waxed cotton string with decorative glass beads.



This Muti Orgonite Pendant has been born out of repeated public demand from our customers.


Many have experienced the power of the Muti Orgonite HHG or the Muti Orgonite Towerbuster and now want to always have this energy and etheric protection around - what better way than to wear it on your body?

Apart from NaDlonge's African traditional herbal medicine that's enclosed in the gold plated cross in the middle, the pendant has inlays of Quartz crystal, Black Tourmaline, Garnet and African Hematite.

On the backside an SBB coil will stimulate and clear your Heart Chakra as you wear the Muti Orgonite Pendant around your neck or any other spot you may want to apply it to for healing purposes.

The Muti Orgonite Pendant comes in a lovely pouch of traditionally inspired fabric to make sure you store it away nicely and do not scratch the polished surface of the Orgonite.


To read more about our range of Muti Orgonite products, click here.


Special healing benefits associated with the ingedients:


- SBB coil: stimulation of heart chakra

- Muti powder: protection against black magic / witchcraft

- Hematite: vitality, joy of life, production of red blood cells

- Garnet: perseverance in difficult situations, community spirit, libido

- Black tourmaline: stimulates energy flow, natural painkiller and relaxant, neutralises negative effects of radiation

- Amethyst: concentration and clarity of mind, inner peace

- Quartz: Mental clarity, always used in Orgonite to amplify the Orgone output

Cowrie Shell: Previously used as a currency in North-West Africa, it increases prosperity and wealth on all levels

- Gold Leaf: Protective, Soothing and warming, Symbolizes confidence and wealth

Neodyme magnet: Magnets have strong healing qualities and activate and strengthen the energy flow in the body


This pendant can be combined nicely with beadwork or integrated in some other piece of jewellery. You may want to combine the Muti Orgonite Pendant with thick African glass beads, seed pods or the like. 

Dimensions: approximately 79mm x 43mm x 14 mm or 3.11" x 1.69" x 0.55"

Additional Information

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Manufacturer Orgonise Africa

Customer Reviews

there are many pendant, do you have crystal ones too? Review by tlaki
i like them all (Posted on 01/02/2017)
**Amazing and Powerful** Review by ELENA
I loved this pendant from the very first moment that I discovered the scented case where was packed. The perfume of it, its just breath-taking.

It is a very powerful and beautiful tool of protection and enhancement of the good vibes and high energies. *****

When I wear it, I just feel powerful love vibrations all around, from inside to outside and all way round.

Thank you ****** (Posted on 16/09/2016)
Special Pendant Review by Paul
This is hands down THE best pendant i own, and i have tried them all. I don't wear it all the time, but i keep it to one side for when i need it the most. This is my go-to personal rescue remedy device ! (Posted on 04/08/2016)
Protective & Warm Review by Rebecca
Very resolute and strong with earth energy. I received one of the first ones made years back and it's been a valuable part of my etheric equipment. (Posted on 07/05/2016)
Cellphone Blocker Review by Maritha
My son has been wearing this everyday. I believe the protective energy gets stronger everyday. When he tries to text a message on his phone, he has to put it down on a table after sending to allow the phone to send as this pendent blocks the microwave from connecting to the phone. We also have the cone offered here, and he does not receive text messages until he actually leaves his room. This is like a wearable Faraday Cage! He tells me that people are nicer to him as the Black Toumaline returns negative intention back to the instigator. I just love how this works for him. I LOVE YOUR PRODUCTS! (Posted on 28/10/2015)
gorgeous but... Review by FLORENT PERRIER
beautifull, gorgeous!
a bit heavy though that`s why a more curved shape would have been better to spouse the curve of the sternum. (Posted on 10/09/2015)
A definite must have Review by Ducarmel
I received my muti pendants yestergifting d I am overly satisfied. At first, put it on and nothing happened, but a few moments later I suddenly had an urge to clean my home. My thoughts were vividly clear and my imagination started going to places that were very difficult before. At night, I bought one for my three year old son, and for the first time he slept soundly without getting up and running to our bedroom. I currently live in Haiti, where the negative energy is extremely high due to the misuse of voodoo, and the lack of understanding of the people. I feel that I will definitely be gifting Haiti to help Usher in a change in consciousness.

Gratitude, Peace, and Love to the whole staff at OrganiseAfrica. I pray and affirm that the universe continué to bless you with strength, vitality, and courage to continue this most blessed work.
(Posted on 15/11/2014)
Unique, striking, Therapeutic Art Piece Review by Kari- California
Actually, I would have bought this piece just for the design and craftsmanship. The design is so unusual and striking. People walk up and stop me in the street to ask about it. I think it would EASILY be worth the price, just for the uniqueness and excellent craftsmanship!

First of all, it's beautiful. The little crushed crystals sparkle in any kind of light. The gold "x" is imposing, and appears to glow with the energy of the wearer. I enjoy the look and feels of it so much, that I almost wear it 24/7, over my heart chakra. It is very durable The resin is hard, and made to last.

Now for the energy. I am not especially energy sensitive. However, I can feel a pleasantly warm energy spiraling out of the SSB coil. I am a chronic insomniac. However, my sleep appeared to improve almost immediately. There is some comforting quality that I really cannot describe. My hands seem to like to touch and hold it. One feels warm and sheltered, somehow. The gold cross appears to be a warning against negative influences. Like a shield, or a "Stop!" sign.

I like the pendant so much that I have ordered the brick. I really think that I am going to end up with ALL of the muti pieces, over time.

Thank, much, Georg! (Posted on 17/07/2014)
Nice Feel Review by Rémi Cartier
It is a bit bigger than I expected, but it is rather flat so it doesn't really protuberate.
I am not super sensitive to that kind of energy, so it's hard to tell its effect. I am wearing it night and days !
Thank you for the artwork ! (Posted on 14/05/2014)
An Exqusite Orgonite Creation Review by Cosmos
Words fail to adequately describe the absolute splendor of this Muti orgonite pendant. The craftsmanship is impeccable and considering the fact that it is only available at Orgonise Africa, it's truly an invaluable rarity. I am honored to have the opportunity to possess this low-intensity free energy device. All of humanity should be benefiting from the healing orgone energy that this piece contiously radiates. Thank you Orgonise Africa for this excellent asset that will significantly enhance my evolutionary trajectory.

Peace (Posted on 11/04/2014)
Pleasantly Surprised Review by stephen
This pendant is much more significant than I had expected. It is larger than expected and has a real quality feel about it. I get a literal positive feeling when I hold it in my hand, almost like a buzz or wave or happiness. The pendant is aesthetically very attractive, and I like to also hang it on the wall when not wearing it! (Posted on 26/04/2013)
community spirit and relax Review by Chris Pappas
i want to report some feedback about the recently purchased products.
Muti Orgone Pendant : community spirit and relax.
Minishield : The headache after a long period using mobile phone, Stoped I'll try some other product and i'll inform you the results.
Bye (Posted on 10/04/2012)

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Muti Pendant L