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Muti Tower Buster (TB)

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Muti TB

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The African Muti Towerbuster with traditional herbal medicine (Muti).

Revitalises your personal space and protects you from EMF, psychic attacks and other negative energies.




A PIECE OF AFRICA FOR YOUR HOME - Orgonite Towerbuster with traditional herbal medicine (Muti) to protect you from EMF and other negative energies.

The African Muti Towerbuster has the following ingedients:

- The gilded muti cross: contains the herbal Muti Mix from NaDlonge.

- Cowrie Shells: were used as money in large parts of Africa. A symbol and promoter of wealth and abundance.

- Neodymium Magnet: magnets have a well documented healing power of their own. In conjunction with orgonite they also enhance the penetration of orgone energy into the body.

- Amethyst: concentration and clarity of mind, inner peace

- Double terminated quartz crystal 20-30mm: Antenna, amplifying orgonite effect.

Malawian saphires

- Orgonite: The main ingredient of all our orgone healing tools. Orgonite is a mix of metal filings and resin that transmutes stagnant negative energy fields into life enhancing positive orgone (POR)


The power of the Muti ispotentiated by the Orgonite mix.

The herbal Muti is designed to promote the general wellbeing of the wearer and protect him or her from psychic and other attacks, sending all evil intentions directed at the wearer or owner of the Muti back to source in multiplied strength.

The Muti is embedded in a smaller gold leaf covered cross of fine Orgonite to prevent "bleeding out" of etheric oils and other substances contained in the herbal compostion of the Muti.


Ø = 70mm, h = 30mm, w = 125g

all dimensions are approximate - product is handmade - appearance may differ from picture 

Additional Information

Avail_time No
Manufacturer Orgonise Africa

Customer Reviews

takes pain away Review by Jewel
I can put this on my head and it will take my headache away. It also gives a pleasant feel to my head, a very loving and heightened awareness when I put it on my head in general. I sleep with this near me and my power wand and I get best sleep ever. I take both to work with me also. Now that I have the muti brick, I take that to work with my power wand, and then I leave this home to protect my dogs and home while I am gone. (Posted on 09/05/2017)
Very Nice! Review by Chet
Sorry Georg, but this one is too pretty to bust a tower. I use dirty Harrys for that. This one stays at home. Thanks! (Posted on 10/02/2016)
Compact Muti Review by Roger
I bought this product because of it's compactness. It fits in the pocket well, and also in the hand. Also, because of it's size, it can fit into places that the MUTI HHG can't.

I have nothing but praise for the MUTI products. I currently have 5 MUTI products... with more on the horizon coming... (Of course, all of them from this site!!!) (Posted on 30/07/2015)
Great buy Review by Jim
I always wanted to try some orgonite, I believed it was real but I cannot emphasize how effective they are. I have been wanting to get back into meditation but circumstances seemed to prevent it. After having them a few days I placed one in each hand and lied down to relax my mind. I went into a peaceful mindset quickly. Tuning in to ones higher mind is relatively easy with these. Of course I fell asleep but it was deeper than normal. I have had trouble sleeping lately and have been taking melatonin which I don't take as often now. They will help you take a step toward a spiritual path, both beginners and adepts. And no batteries, highly recommended! (Posted on 20/04/2015)
Muti TB Review by Lily
I received the Muti TB as a gift. This is an amazing piece. It most definitely changes the atmosphere of the environment it is placed in. There is an energy vortex in the corner of my bedroom, at the head of my side of the bed. Since placing the Muti TB on the dresser nearby, I have slept like a rock, instead of rising at all hours unable to sleep through the night. Not only that, but when I leave my home, I take it with me. It just feels so good to have around everywhere I go. A friend of mine picked it up and rubbed it over his thoracic area. He said he could definitely feel 'something.' I want to encourage others to try the Muti pieces. You will not be sorry! I intend to purchase several more over time. (Posted on 19/09/2014)
Multi TB Review by Sam Vowles
Very nicely made pieces of Muti TB organite. I can feel the vibrational energy being emitted from these TB's. It has a soothing calming effect in the room I use them in. Woud recommend eveyone have a few of these around their living space. (Posted on 13/02/2014)
Multi TB Review by Mark Busby
It is difficult to explain the precise affect of the Multi TB individually from other Orgonite products in my house, one thing is for sure I am sleeping like a log and in some areas of my life "feel less anxious "
The decision to use Orgonite around my life was watching Georg at the BEM conference , especially the piece about "gifting" around mobile phone masts.
Using Orgonite around your life is personal and affects us in different ways, but the nice thing to do is Gifting Orgonite helping others and the Planet Earth. (Posted on 21/10/2013)
Great Powerful & Sizeable Device Review by GiftOrgone
This is a very powerful device and one which I have at times found random people can sense the positive orgone energy coming from with relative ease. The "Nuke" sticker is nicely placed inside the resin and will not come off as a result. It is a smooth piece,sizable and nice to hold. I really like to keep it on my person and also like the "anti-nuke" one I have too, great stuff! Great to know the proceeds partially go to another great gifting mission (aside from the already great work that the members of Orgonise Africa already do) (Posted on 03/01/2013)

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Muti TB