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New zapper model at reduced introduction price

Jan 27, 2008 

Our new Zapper boxes will arrive shortly (they were couriered on 23 January) and the first new zappers will be shipped out from 5 February 2008. We got a few samples and the really look nice. We've had them made for us in China and not only do they all have our logo and website on them but all the perforations are now neat and tidy because they are part of the mould. We have not changed the tried and trusted interior of the zappers, but they just look a bit more professional than the old "handcrafted" ones. Just anorther step in the constant improvement of our product.If you order now (until 31 January) you can still get them at a drastically reduced introduction price.

Hulda Clark Zapper, orgone zapper, parasite zapper

Check it out here!

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