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Orgonite Miniwand 35 mm, Manifestation, Etheric Protection, Energy Boosting

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Miniwand 35mm

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The Orgonite Miniwand 35 mm is your handy but powerful travel companion for all energetic purposes.

Use this Orgonite Miniwand for: manifestation, intention enhancement, etheric protection, boosting and energy healing!

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The Orgonite Miniwand is your ideal travel companion for protection, meditation and energy healing. This 35mm Miniwand is slightly more powerful than its smaller companion, the 28mm Miniwand.

This Wand is still handy enough to carry it around and yet more powerful, thanks to its larger volume and a bigger crystal inside.

All of our Orgonite Wands have a mobius coiled crystal embedded in Orgonite. That's the common principle. The Orgonite makes the bristling energy of this "SP-crystal" much smoother and stronger, depending on size of course.

This handy little Orgonite wand has many of the characteristics of the big Powerwand, but it can be held in one hand or carried in the pocket.

The crystal is approximately 100-130mm long and coiled with 4-5 mobius knots.

The crystal is embedded in an orgonite matrix inside a 35mm copper tube cut to a length of 175mm (harmonic proportion of 1:5 length:diametre). A copper plate seals off the bottom of the Miniwand.

Use the Orgonite Miniwand for the following applications: 


You can read more about the applications of our pulsed Orgone devices right here.

Additional gemstones:

- a 3-8mm Amethyst: Promotes sobriety and concentration, processing of experiences and perceptions 

- Garnet: Perseverance in difficult situations, community spirit, stimulates libido

- Hematite: Grounding, heightens confidence, aids cardiovascular system

The wand is sheathed in leather for a pleasant touch and feel.

It comes with a short cable and plug matching the sockets in all our Zappers.

A separate zapper (not included) is needed to operate the Mini Wand. All our zappers are suitable for this.

Ideal for the travelling Orgone Guerilla as it fits in the pocket of a coat or jacket easily.

Additional Information

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Manufacturer Orgonise Africa

Customer Reviews

Makes me so nice Review by Jewel
I keep this power want on at all times. I literally just bought ten batteries to have on hand because I take this everywhere with me. People are drawn to me when I have this on, and are all dreamy nice. It really raises vibration. I am such a nicer person during rough times in life when I have this on. Things do not get to me as much, meaning I am less sensitive because I have a higher vibration and thus a more wise perspective, but I am even more compassionate and understanding since I am not affected by lower vibrations as much. I sleep with this, and the first time I slept with it, I put it close to my face. Well, one of my dogs sat on my face, facing the wand! Then he started being all playful and twirling around it. I swear, my dogs, and me, got the most restful sleep, ever. I woke up feeling so good the first time I used this wand, that I was a little scared that I perhaps could have slept for ever. Obviously that would not happen, but I could not reconcile how such a high, angelic like vibration, could wake up into this world. I cannot wait to start healing with it. So far I am a much nicer person, because my emotional system is stronger, I get better sleep, and so do my dogs :) I love it when my doggies benefit from the things I use, too. If I had the money to be a philanthropist, I would put these wands into orphanages, animal shelters, and senior citizen homes. I'd put them everywhere- the world would be a much more stable, much healthies, and thus a much, much, much nicer place. (Posted on 09/05/2017)
Excellent for Protection & Healing Work Review by Shankhedge
Arrived quickly, this wand is very powerful yet compact and portable while providing an option to be powered externally. The pulsed scalar field it generates creates a protective, healing and rejuvenative ambience, shielding the person from attacks while it can also be used for radionics and manifestation of intention at a fraction of the cost of radionic devices available in market. I salute and send blessings to the Orgonise Africa team for having made available something so wonderful at an affordable price. I have fallen in love with mine and the Powerwand is Loving me back :-) (Posted on 27/05/2016)
The 35MM Mini Wand is an Excellent Meditation Tool Review by James A. Pegues Jr.
Dear Global Citizens, i Highly Recommend This Tool..i use it Daily to Remove Harmful Vibations from my Home, and as a Meditation Tool..i simply walk the Interior of my Home, With the Intention of removing all Harmfull Aspects.. It Works, but effort has to be continual to Change Negative Patterns..Worth Every Dime.. jimmy pegues_ Global Citizen. (Posted on 04/09/2015)
Great Device! Review by Mark
I bought one of these along with a basic zapper a while ago and I am delighted with the combination. You can power the wand on the move via the internal battery, or you can remove the battery and power it permanently via a 12V adaptor. I have mine on just about 24/7 in the office and have taken it out while gifting using the battery instead. It certainly gives out a really pleasant clean healing energy and like everything else on the site is of a very sturdy high build quality. I am now wondering just how powerful the even bigger wand is :-) (Posted on 24/04/2012)
machtvolle energie, die alles unwürdige in dessen gegenpol verwandelt! Review by Michel
hallo Georg,
...habe heute das paket mit deinem sakralen transformationsTool erhalten!
sehr machtvolle energie, die alles unwürdige in dessen gegenpol verwandelt!
diese beschreibung ist aber auch wirklich energetisch fühlbar!
genial, sehr profesionell verarbeitet, mit wuchtigem energieausstoss!

vielen dank!

liebe grüsse aus bern
michel (Posted on 17/07/2011)
Sehr schön Review by shonkhuulai
Ich habe den 35 mm Wand nun seit 2 Tagen. Nutzen will ich ihn als mobilen Schutz, da ich sehr viel unterwegs bin. Kraftmäßig ist er so stark wie mein 3 kg Bergkristall mit 4fach Möbius (2m). Sauber verarbeitet, mit kleinem Messingherz im Harz. Ich werde noch einen kaufen. Danke, Orgoniseafrica! (Posted on 04/05/2011)

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Miniwand 35mm