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Summer Special up to 25%

The Northern Hemisphere, where 80% of our customers reside, is now going into summer.

Do not feel offended if you live in Africa, Oceania, Antarctica or the Indian subcontinent. You can make this summer special a winter special!

To start your Summer (winter) with a bang, we help you with attractive discounts:*

  • 10% on all orders up to 115 GBP (approx 150 USD)
  • 20% on all orders from 115 GBP to 380 GBP (appox 500 USD)
  • 25% on all orders above 380 GBP/500 USD

and all the big orders in that last category get a free block of our new experimental Keshe - G.A.N.S - orgonite.

Keshe orgonite

CO2 GANS embedded in a nice orgonite block with Kyanite and Madagascar ringing needle crystals 

I'm going to talk more about that soon.

*Please note, these discounts do not apply to discounted accounts such as reseller accoiunts. They do however apply on top of any applicable special prices or the automatic bulk discounts if you order quantities of any given product. It may be advantageous for you not to log in if you have such an account. 

The discounts do not apply to the Wavegenome products on our website.  

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