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Small Sugilite Orgone Pendant

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Sugilite Pendant S

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This Orgonite Pendant is made with Sugilite, fine Silver, Mica, Quartz and Amethyst.

When you wear it, you will feel a dramatic increase in mental clarity. It aids your spiritual development and you may notice increased reflection and empathy.

This pendant is truly a one of a kind. Not only is it hand-made, but it contains Sugilite - a very rare mineral found only in very small quantities near Kuruman, South Africa. It has a very high vibration and stimulates your spiritual development.

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This lovely small Orgonite Pendant is emotionally soothing and uplifting. 

All of our Orgonite Pendants:

- strengthen your bioenergetic field (Aura) – this will help you against illnesses and negativity breaking through into your life.

- revitalise your body – any illnesses or disorders, which are already present, can be eliminated.

- protects you from harmful influences such as electromagnetic radiation (EMF) or negative energies

Sugilite is one of the most recently discovered and rarest gemstone minerals known to man. Its rich

shades of purple instantly made it a highly sought after and revered gemstone. It is only found near

Kuruman in the Kalahari semi desert (increasingly lush and green thanks to our continued gifting


We received a few large blocks of it from our friend - the poet and mineral collector, Donald Rikiert.

Sugilite can help to clear your mind, opening the way for the rising of consciousness. It is also beneficial

in opening and centering your Heart Chakra.

The Sugilite Orgonite Pendant has an SBB coil of silver-coated copper wire and small crumbs of .9999

fine silver as well as other healing stones in the Orgonite mix. It is beaded on a waxed cotton string with

decorative glass beads.


Healing properties typically associated with the gemstones and other ingredients contained in this



- 6 leaf rose motive in decorative silver paper: a symbol of love

- Sugilite crumbs: mental clarity, open Heart Chakra, rising consciousness

- .9999 fine silver: frees your emotions, flexibility, and empathy

- Mica flakes: help you to focus during your times of self-reflection and understanding; shields you against radiation

- SBB coil in silver-plated wire: revitalising, especially when worn on the Heart Chakra

- Quartz crumbs: amplify the energy generated by the Orgonite

- Amethyst crumbs: sobriety, ability to concentrate, alertness


This pendant can be combined nicely with beadwork or integrated in some other piece of jewellery.

Size: Diameter approx 28mm, Thickness approx 10mm in centre, slightly lens-shaped.

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Manufacturer Orgonise Africa

Customer Reviews

Great energy Review by Jewel
This pendant really stabilizes me. I have a vicious sugar addiction, where I hope that one day there will be a lock-down, rehabilitation facility for sugar addicts. from the first day I wore this pendant, I had my sugar cravings under control. On top of that, I can think more clearly, and have stronger will power when wearing thependant. I can immediately feel a difference when I take it off. The effect does not feel strong when I take it off, HOWEVER, it has huge consequences when it is not on. So please remember, that the benefits of wearing this pendant are huge, even though there is a gentle difference energetically when it is not on. So not judge the pendants power by the slight difference in energetic feeling when it is no longer on. This means that the energy body assimilated the healing energy and stabilized, but so far I do need to wear it to keep the effects. I will update if afer a prolonged period of time, my body does not need to wear it as often-I am curious to see if it has permanent effects. I am sure it will have long term affect to some point after prolnged use because when the energetic body is more stable from wearing it, then my behavior changes, meaning I can break bad habits, and think more clearly. So the effects will most likely start materializing in my life with better health from not eating sugar, and getting ahead more in life from clearer thinking. How nice it is to have this energetic little shield, that gives your body an immediate environment which then allows it to function like it should. People could probably get off of meds with this-shhhh do not tell big pharma- or I will have to chase someone down (Posted on 09/05/2017)
Sugilite pendent Review by peter
I bought this for my daughter and she loves it! She wears it all the time, beautifully made and very colourful :) (Posted on 05/07/2016)
Heart Palpation Healing Review by Maritha
I have the small flower pendant as my son bought it for me for heart palpations. The palpations have stopped since wearing it. When the string broke I stopped and the palpations slowly started I made a copper wire repair for the pendent and am back wearing it again. No more heart palpations. Being a low Thyroid person, this is a pleasant fix for the symptoms. LOVE YOUR PRODUCTS!
(Posted on 28/10/2015)
Lovely Pendant Review by Lily
I have received many compliments on my sugilite pendant. I am quite fond of it, and wear it frequently. However, I wear it back side up, as it feels more comfortable and 'right' to me, likely due to the directional placement of the copper coil. Isn't it amazing how such a small item can make such a difference? (Posted on 19/09/2014)
Quality and beautiful Review by Bev
After feeling what my SBB does I know this has positive effects....
it is a very nice delicate size about an inch in diameter, and the construction is flawless....
Sooth and nicely polished and the coil can't be seen which I prefer in jewelry :) (Posted on 08/06/2014)
nice Review by T. Janati
i love the color and design (Posted on 05/06/2014)
I wear this 24/7 Review by howardisrael benoni
not only does this pendant protedt from ELF contamination, it also soothes ones awareness, and heightens ones spirituality
so, thanks again to Orgonise Africa
shalom (Posted on 14/05/2014)
enjoy this lovely piece! Review by Shawnta Watkins
Wow i have to say this pendant has a lot of power to aid in positivity, clarity, and easy to forigve quality. I gifted it to my mom and she is in awe with the suglite necklace, she even wears it everday. (Posted on 14/05/2014)
Beautiful necklace, very adored Review by Belinda Cooper
I love my necklace! I wear it everyday and find it really boosts my days. Life has spun since receiving it and I hope we are companions for a long time coming. ✌️ (Posted on 30/12/2013)
very pretty! Review by Sylvia Hutton
I bought a much larger pendant first, but found it just too large to wear---this one is just right. Love the lavender color---have gotten several compliments! (Posted on 22/10/2013)
A great gift Review by Ray DeFeis
My wife wears the Sugilite Pendant often and has received many compliments. The Rose adds a nice touch to already colorful pendant. The pendant gives the mental clarity and consciousness ones needs in a work environment. (Posted on 02/10/2013)
Great Pendants! Review by Mark
These are the most attractive orgonite pendants I have ever found anywhere, and the pictures online do not quite do them justice. They are just lovely "in the flesh" and I have bought one for myself and also one for my grandmother. They definitely give off a really nice positive healing frequency, and I will certainly be recommending them to others. No doubt the rest of the pendants on the site are great too, and I will build up a nice collection! (Posted on 24/04/2012)

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Sugilite Pendant S