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The new shop is up

May 7, 2008

guys, you may have been wondering why I have been so silent for such a long time.

The reason: I was so horribly busy fine tuning the new shop!

And it has come out beautifully indeed!

When you click on the "shop" link, you get directly to our new shop now. So the confusion between the new and the old website has an end now. No more referral to It's all complete now and interlinked from all pages.

We are very proud!

We start the new shop with a BANG!

if you have been lurkin and wondered wether you should test us with a little purchase, now is the time:

We give away 200 Rand for every new customer who makes a small purchase of 500 Rand only. That would be one Standard Orgone Zapper for example.

While the prices are calculated in South african rand, you can see them in US Dollars, Euros and many other currencies which are updated daily!

Also we have worked over our price structure and practically all items have become much cheaper in the international currencies because the Rand has lost a lot of value in the last few months. So we are giving away those currency gains (a windfall to us for some time) to become even more competitive.

This giveaway bonanza is on until Friday 17 May.Check it out: it's beautiful!

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