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Wavegenome - Basic Tesla PSI Generator Generic Version

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Wavegenome - Basic Tesla PSI Generator Generic Version

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Basic MINI-TESLA PSI GENERATOR Generic Version , with generic digital wave matrix, plus a separate flash drive with PSI-PROGRAM of the DIGITAL PHARMACY to run on your computer in order to generate wave matrices in 22 modules for every system in your body, and your every vital organ as binaural self-therapy.

Please note that delivery is estimated to be 1-2 months , as all WaveGenome orders are made by order and not kept in bulk.

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BASIC TESLA PSI-GENERATOR Generic Version (chip) comes with:

CHIP, structured with a laser on a nano-level with the wave matrix of healthy human. You wear it on a chain (not included) on your solar plexus all the time, taking it off only for bathing.

BASIC TESLA PSI-GENERATOR Generic Version has both sides of the casing for the chip made of Real Solid Pearl. 

PSI-PROGRAM - a flash drive with the software that has the entire DIGITAL PHARMACY generated as a white noise encoded in music for your lifetime and for every system and vital organ in your body. You need to run this software at least once a day for best results. If you are sick, you need to run this software as often as possible.

IMPORTANT:  The CHIP has two modes : OPEN and CLOSED. In the OPEN mode, you increase your information-wave impact upon people. The CLOSED mode is the SHIELD mode, which protects you from any psychotronic attack, including V2K (voice to skull) and cancer guns, subliminal advertising and psychic attacks. Those customers who are endangered with these attacks can wear their CHIP in the protective mode nonstop.
PLEASE NOTE: there is a difference in color signifying OPEN and CLOSED mode.

How does it work?

We call it the QUANTUM INTERNET.

When you run the PSI-PROGRAM, the spin states of the software and the spin states of your crystal / chip in the generator constitute one and the same torus (hologram). There is the instantaneous biofeedback / bioresonance two-way communication between the running software and the crystal inside the MINI-TESLA PSI-GENERATOR.

The crystal / nano chip in the MNI-TESLA PSI-GENERATOR and the PSI-RPOGRAM software (during its operation on your computer) constitute one integrated QUANTUM COMPUTER. The spin states of the crystal / nanochip in the generator and the spin states of the software coincide / resonate or oppose each other, according to the principles of the polarised holography. The principles of the polarised holography are expressed by geometrical optics.
The software reads the information off the crystal (its spin states) via its own spin states, and corrects it.  Then the crystal tunes itself in via the bioresonance of the spin states to the hologram, corrected by  the operating software. 
In this way, the crystal / nano chip inside the generator self-corrects itself based upon the operation of this QUANTUM COMPUTER.


© Irene Caesar, Phd.,

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Wavegenome - Basic Tesla PSI Generator Generic Version