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Kandinsky Pendant

Kandinsky Pendant

Enchanted Garden

Orgonite food charging plate with partly brass filings and a powerful addition of gemstones.

Garnet is the theme stone of this marvellous energising orgonite art wonder. The colours rose madder at the front and emerald green at the back remind of a delightful, lush, enchanting garden. 

Creating beauty is our ultimate goal and here it is: Charge and structure your drinking water and food by placing it on this beautiful plate or use it directly for healing by placing it on your body when you feel any pain or discomfort.

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Enchanted Garden Orgonite Charging Plate

Another amazing piece of energy art by Friederike. Coloured in rose madder and emerald green, this plate will infuse your food and drink with it's magical energy. You will taste and feel it. Also use it for healing directly on your body or that of your clients if you are an energy healer. 


Quartz crystal points: Uplifting, Creative, Strengthening 

Zoisite with ruby inclusions: Strengthening, Encouoraging, Regenerating.

Garnet: Motivating, Stimulating, Fiery

Fuchsite: Mindfullness, Contentment, Protection

SBB coil : Gets the energy flowing

Neodymium Magnet: Directs the flow of energy

Sprinkle Stones 

The metal in the Orgonitematrix is partly brass, which gives this plate an extra smooth and warm healing energy.


Orgonite foodplate application

Use this to charge your water or food. Especially water, when left on the charging plate for a few hours, gets structured and energised. 

Dimensions: 180mm diametre, approx 20mm thickness

Weight: 650-750gr

Each piece is individually hand made and appearance may differ from photo.