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Buy your orgonite from Orgonise Africa and enjoy the widest selection of orgonite healing tools and orgone zappers on the web at very attractive prices. The benefits of orgonite are countless and felt on all levels. Orgonite transforms stagnant negative energies (DOR) into positive life energy. (POR) That way orgonite can be used to protect against harmfull radiation from cell phone towers, boost plantgrowth, promote health and vitality in humans , animals and plants, raise consciousness. Please refer to our orgonite info section for more insights into the history of orgonite and orgone energy and its many applications and positve effects. Our orgonite and orgone zapper shop has harmonically grown out of our own orgone gifting activity over the last 11 years. Read our orgone gifting expedition reports here. This work which took us to more than 11 countries in Africa and several European countries and the US is seen by many as the most complete body of evidence for the efficacy of orgonite.