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Massive Orgone Starter

Massive Orgone Starter

Orgonite Earthpipe

The Orgone Earth Pipe is an essential tool for all Orgonite gifting.

It is ideal for neutralising geopathic stress and Ley lines, as well as for gifting and neutralising all manner of underground military bases and other negative activity.

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The Orgonite Earthpipe is an essential tool in the Orgone Gifter's kit!

The Orgonite Earthpipe is a 28cm long copper pipe, filled with Orgonite to approx. 1/3 of its length. A pointed crystal is embedded in the Orgonite, directed towards the hollow end of the Earthpipe that points towards the earth.

The crystal is coiled in order to the energy more direction to penetrate deeply into the underground and neutralise all negative activity.

We have used these Orgonite Earthpipes to successfully neutralise several military underground bases, some of which are common knowledge, others which were pointed out to us by psychic friends. 

Very often, these underground bases will be the "eye of the storm" when it comes to weather modification and the resulting manufactured droughts, and are a vital part of gifting the environment to restore its natural, ORGONised vitality. 

We normally use a hammer to bang the Orgonite Earthpipes into the ground in the surrounding of these bases. You can also use them to effectively neutralise Ley lines, geopathic stress, crossing water lines etc.

Here is some recommended reading for you:

Orgonite and Geopathic Stress - by our good friend Tino Puthego

Orgonite and the NWO (New World Order) - from our archives and one of the basics for the aspiring Orgone Gifter!

Dimensions: height - 280mm, diameter - 28mm
(This product is handmade and the final product might differ slightly)