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Small turquoise orgonite pendant

Turquoise Pendant S

5 Orgonite Fridge Arrows

5 Orgonite arrows with ferrite magnets.

These decorative arrow-shaped fridge magnets beautify your kitchen as you pin little notices on the fridge door, orgonising the food inside your fridge, and can of course also used on magnetic boards in the office.

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5 Orgonite arrows with ferrite magnet.

Pin your notes on the fridge door with these colourful Orgonite Fridge Magnets.

People have observed all kinds of effects of Orgonite in connection with fridges and food:

- Food stays fresh longer
- Food feels energized and tastes better
- With larger Orgonite tools people have observed stalaktites like spikes forming in ice making trays, the ice growing toward the Orgonite.

Comes in a set of 5.

Dimensions: length - 57mm, width - 26mm, height - 13mm
(This product is handmade and the final product might differ slightly)

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