Orgonite Pyramid M

orgonite earth pipe

Orgonite Earthpipe

Orgonite Pyramid S

The Small Orgonite Pyramid with 5 Quartz crystal tips.

Feel the power of the Pyramid combined with Orgonite - ideal for revitalising your workspace and personal space.

**Colours depend on availability.


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Small Orgonite Pyramid to energise your home and personal space.


This little one is cute. The ideal inconspicuous adornment for your office desk... (or coffee table or shelf or...)


Our Orgonite Pyramids combine the principle composition of the HHG with the special properties of the pyramid. The special power of the pyramid can be experienced at its most beneficial when the pyramid is aligned with the magnetic north pole. Countless researchers the world over have found that the Pyramid shape on it's own has certain remarkable energetic properties.

All of our Orgonite Pyramids contain 5 Quartz crystal tips. These are placed in the tip of the pyramid, and in its base pointing in the 4 directions. The natural tips of the crystals help to create a much more powerful Orgone Energy field, compared to the Quartz breakage we use in our Towerbusters or Pendants (which creates a more diffuse energy field). 

The Pyramids and HHGs thus have a much stronger and more directed energy flow and a wider radius of effect. Psychics and energy sensitive individuals will often observe a beam of energy coming out of the top of the Pyramid or HHG - most people can feel this by passing their hand through the air over the Pyramid, and describe it as a warm or tingling sensation or a pressure to the palm of the hand.

Coloured in various beautiful translucent hues

Dimensions: length - 55mm, width - 55mm, height - 40mm
(This product is handmade and the final product might differ slightly)