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Our Silver & Sugilite Orgonite

Sugilite pendantThis small pendant is ideal to increase your mental clarity and reflective ability throughout the day

Sugilite St Busters Button
This powerful Orgone generator will soothe the energy in your home, and may assist you in sleeping deeper, too.

Colloidal Silver KitMake your own Colloidal Silver with this easy to use DIY Kit - simply place the electrodes in a glass of water, connect to a power source, and within 20 minutes, voilà!

El Silverado Orgone Zapper: The El Silverado Zapper is an absolute classic. The silver electrodes amplify the already powerful healing ability of the zapper, much like taking in colloidal silver directly through the skin.

Read more about the fantastic properties of Silver and Sugilite and why we use them in our Orgonite in our Blog Post here!

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