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Muti Orgone HHG (Holy Hand Grenade)

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Muti HHG

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Orgonite with the Magic of Africa - Protective African Medicine (Muti) combined with the power of Orgonite.

Contains: Quartz crystals, African Herbal Muti, Gold leaf, Orgonite mix in earthy colours, crushed Hematite, Black Tourmaline



A PIECE OF AFRICA FOR YOUR HOME - Protection from EMF, psychic attacks and other negative energies.

The African Muti HHG has the following ingedients:

- 5 Quartz Crystals, often double terminated, in the usual arrangement: Amplifies the vitalising effect of the Orgonite

- African Herbal Muti from NaDlonge: protection against black magic / witchcraft

- Gold leaf: Protective, Soothing and warming, Symbolizes confidence and wealth

- Black tourmaline: Stimulates energy flow, natural painkiller and relaxant, neutralises negative effects of radiation

- Crushed hematite: vitality, joy of life, production of red blood cells

- Cowrie shellsPreviously used as a currency in North-West Africa, it increases prosperity and wealth on all levels

The power of the Muti is potentiated by the Orgonite mix. The herbal Muti is designed to promote the general wellbeing of the wearer and protect him or her from psychic and other attacks, sending all evil intentions directed at the wearer or owner of the muti back to source in multiplied strength.

The Muti is embedded in a smaller Gold leaf covered cross of Orgonite to prevent "bleeding out" of etheric oils or other substances contained in the herbal substances of the Muti. 

All of our Orgonite Pyramids and HHGs contain 5 Quartz crystal tips. These are placed in the tip of the HHG, and in its base pointing in the 4 directions. The natural tips of the crystals help to create a much more powerful Orgone Energy field, compared to the Quartz breakage we use in our Towerbusters or Pendants (which creates a more diffuse energy field). 

The Pyramids and HHGs thus have a much stronger and more directed energy flow and a wider radius of effect. Psychics and energy sensitive individuals will often observe a beam of energy coming out of the top of the Pyramid or HHG - most people can feel this by passing their hand through the air over the HHG, and describe it as a warm or tingling sensation or a pressure to the palm of the hand. 

Read more about our Muti and other Orgonite Muti products here.

Ø = 105mm, h = 90mm, w = 425g

all dimensions are approximate - product is handmade - appearance may differ from picture 

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Manufacturer Orgonise Africa

Customer Reviews

Very Unique! Review by Akaida
The Muti Orgonite HHG is awesome - a unique take on a classic design! A great addition to any orgonite collection :) (Posted on 31/01/2016)
Splendid Review by kelvin oakes
Very nice aesthetics and feels awesome (Posted on 07/09/2015)
Fantastic HEALING tool Review by Roger
I often use this for helping alleviate and get rid of stomach upset. I will lay on my back, and place it in the area that is 'aching'. Sometimes, It almost feels like the MUTI HHG is chasing the upset through the entire bowl system.

It also helps with aches in the joints or other body parts by resting it against the ache for awhile. It is like is sucks the pain and discomfort away. I lent to an ex-sister in law for about week. She said after the first night of using it that she had the best sleep she'd had in years.

At the moment, I consider this my strongest healing too. (Posted on 30/07/2015)
INCREDIBLY powerfully magically healing! Review by Satori
INCREDIBLY powerfully magically healing! I just love the beauty and detailed loving craftsmanship of this piece. I was having this extreme emotional upheaval and was guided to hold the base of this HHG to my heart centre and immediately I had all the classical signs of releasing of negative thoughts energies and emotions, accompanied with huge endless yawing and sighing and could gradually take deeper and deeper breaths! This continued for about 15 minutes and then I felt an ease and peace and balance as i would with an energy healing session with EFT or other healing modalities! All by holding this magical MUTI HHG! I'm so so so so excited at the healing potential that is available to me now! Thankoo so much for creating such functional magical ART! :-) I love orgonise Africa! :-) (Posted on 09/10/2014)
I just recieved my muti brick. It exceeds all expectations. Review by Kari- California
I now have the large muti pendant, and the brick. I am exceedingly happy with both! The brick is very beautifuly and carefully made, and durable enough to becme an heirloom. The energy is identical to the pendant, but stronger. It is warm, and seems to flow in a vortex. It seems very strong, but nurturant and loving. Maybe not to a malign energy that heads toward the 'x", however! I think that both objects are calming and comforting, and are helping with my chronic insomnia issues. I think my next purchase will be an HHG, and the small muti pendant. AO is the ONLY seller that I now of that combines orgonics with African magick! (Posted on 20/07/2014)
Very Grateful for these Evolutionary Catalysts Review by Cosmos
Having previously purchased the standard HHG, I was curious as to what this advanced version had to offer. I'm quite pleased to report that this Muti HHG is definitely emitting an elevated form of orgone energy. Based on the serenity that I have been experiencing since I received this orgonite piece (along with others), it is an absolute privilege to have discovered Orgonise Africa. Thank you for creating these blessed tools for substantial healing.

Peace (Posted on 11/04/2014)
nice artwork Review by Philippe
Just received today and everybody likes it very much. I've placed it on our livingroom. I also bought the blue one wich I placed on our bedroom. Great quality & service ! Thank you ! (Posted on 22/03/2014)
Boost immune system Review by LB
I've noticed when I take a vitamin or mineral supplement and stand in front of the Muti HHG, my immunity is boosted. I also noticed if I do exercise my immune system is heightened. I like that very much, such a wonderful device.

Lamona (Posted on 10/03/2014)
Muti HHG Review by Sam Vowles
Very beautiful unique piece. I'm very satisfied with all the products I've purchased from Organise Africa. (Posted on 13/02/2014)
Love this Muti! Review by marlena odgers
This is a beautiful and superbly made piece.
I have it next to the computer and wireless router, and every time i turned it on I would get a headache - now I don't! (Posted on 28/12/2013)
Very pretty HHG, Muti orgonite feels great. Review by dirk
I'm a fan of Georg's Muti-orgonite. It feels great and this HHG is very pretty. I like to keep one near the bed, as it's a great protection against 'bad juju' in my opinion/experience.
(Posted on 10/09/2013)
nice on many levels Review by rpp205
i recently received this piece and am happy w/ the orgone i feel it generating. it's also a very attractive piece, imo. glad to incorporate these african shamanistic energies into my home, too. and also happy w/ the quality and service. thanx! (Posted on 27/09/2012)

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Muti HHG