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orgonite miniwand with pulsed quartz crystal

Miniwand 35mm

Orgonite Powerwand

The Orgonite Power Wand - a powerful Orgone Generator used for Manifestation, Radionics, Protection, Energy Healing and Etheric Boosting!

12V adaptor now included.

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The Orgonite Powerwand is an indispensable tool in the collection of every serious Orgone Warrior!

The luxury version is now our standard:
300mm copper tube (76 mm or 3" diametre) with moebius- and spiral wound extra large crystal (160-200 mm), embedded in copper and aluminium orgonite.
Driven by a 15Hz frequency generator (zapper circuit) that is hidden in the bottom of the pipe.

Further ingredients:

- 1 Amethyst crystal
- 4 garnets
- 4 hematite pearls
- pulverised pyrite
- amethyst breakage

This thing is really strong! 
Most people I tested so far can see the energy of the Orgonite Powerwand with their naked and unschooled eyes. I am not talking about aura-sensitive clairvoyants, but normal people like you and me...

A tight fitting leather sleave, previously only offered in the luxury version, is now standard.
We feel that it makes the power wand so much nicer to handle and probaly even increases the energy output (becasue of the additional organic layer around the copper). 

Die typischen Zutaten
Typical ingredients 

The power wand is now equipped with a 12V socket and a 12V wall plug adaptor if you want to run it from the power grid.

- Protection against spiritual and electromagnetic attacks
- Harmonisation and energising of your living environment
- Radionics (Sending out of amplified intentions).
- Distant healing. Stimulation of energy awareness and the ability to dierct energy via one's intention
- Direct healing applications. The strong orgone beam can be used directly for the stimulation of bodily healing processes
This is really looking great!

We have now put the LED that indicates the on/off state of the electric pulser direcly near the big crystal so that you can see if the PW is on or off. In the dark this will give a magical blue sheen through the crystal when your PW is on. 

PW glowing in the dark

The PW in the dark

Read more about our Pulsed Orgonite Devices and their uses and applications right here.

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