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Orgonise Africa World Wide

Please note hat we have divided our web presence into 3 regional websites:


is our local website for South Africa and directly neigbouring countries. The prices are in South African Rand per default, but can be displayed in other regional currencies as well. 

Shipping is done per Courier.

All orders over 1800 Rand ship for free

Payment methods: Credit Card via Paygate, PayPal through Paygate (amount gets converted to USD), Bitcoin and Electronic Funds Transfers to South African bank account


This is our international website for all countries except those that are members of the EU.

It includes the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, all of Asia and Non EU Europe as well as all African countries not directly neighbouring South Africa.   

Shipping is done from South Africa, using DHL Express or other similar courier.

Orders over 125 USD ship for free

Payment methods: Credit Card via PayPal, PayPal, Bitcoin and international bank transfers (SWIFT) for orders over 100 USD 


This website is catering for all EU countries and presently still for the UK. Shipment is done from Germany by our German partner Mario Bürge. This has the great advantage that no extra taxes or duies are to be paid, nor are there any clearing fees or other unexpected costs. 

All orders are sent by Standard mail or economy courier services and arrive within a few days. 

Orders over 100 EUR ship for free

Payment methods: Credit Card via PayPal, PayPal, Bitcoin and bank transfers to German bank account (BIC/IBAN/SEPA) 

Make sure you are on the right website!

We have installed an IP-address based re-direct programm that should normally send you to the right site. 

However there are exceptions, for example when a customer resides in Europe but wants to send an order to let's say Japan:

In order to do that, you have to go to the International website orgoniseafrica.com. If the site keeps redirecting you to orgoniseafric.eu, you need to use a VPN. (Virtual Private Network) that allows you to generate a random IP address in another jurisdiction. (most people know these things by now) The Opera browser provides a free basic VPN that works for this purpose. 

To stay in that example: If you have registered an account on the .eu website, it will not allow you to order for an non EU destination.

You would have to create a new account on the .com website.      

Customer accounts are not valid accross websites

This is also true for old accounts that were registered on the old website orgoniseafrica.com before we differentiated this. These accounts are all associated with orgoniseafric.com and do not work on the new websites orgoniseafric.co.za or orgoniseafrica.eu. I had some customers getting frustrated about this when trying to retrieve passwords for an accoun t on the wrong website.  

Unfortunately you will have to register a new account. 

If your account had reseller status before, please let me know after registering the new account and I will transfer that status to the new account. 




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