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Orgonite Magnet Buster with Neodymium Magnet for inner city gifting. Contains Quartz and Shungite in the Orgonite Mix. Sticks to Lampposts, traffic signs or any steel structure.

Limpet Buster

TB Refill

TB Refill

A Good Start

Orgonite gifting bundle deal to start your orgonite gifting career in earnest.

The bundle comes at a 30% discount vis-a-vis the original retail prices of the items bought separately.

This orgonite gifting bundle allows you to energetically turn around a small town or large suburb of typically 20-30,000 inhabitants.   

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This orgonite gifting bundle consits of

- 50 orgonite towerbusters "Dirty Harry"

- 5 5g Equalizers

- Orgonite 1 HHG 

- 3 Earth Needles

The towerbusters are for orgonite gifting all the cellphone towers and 5g antennas on roof tops in your area. It is better to to gift more sites with less orgonite than overgifting individuasl sites. 1-2 towerbusters per normal cellphone tower are a good start. In the immediate vicinity of your house you may want to do more. For those towers nearest to your house,  I would reserve the 5g Equalizers. One of them can also be used to neutralise your modem.

The HHG goes into your house, if you don't have a powerful orgone generator there already, and the earth needles are for neutralising negative energies from the ground.  

Of course a practised dowser will know where that is but since you can do no harm, follow your intuition. Do not overthink it! It helps when you learn how to use a pendulum. Here you find a simple tutorial on how to dowse with a pendulum. You don't have to buy their fancy pendulums. All our orgonite amulets will do. It is even helpful when you use something that you wear every day because it will be atuned to your energy. Any weight on a string will work as a pendulum. 

Refer to our orgonite gifting tips tips for more ideas on basic orgonite gifting strategies.

We also developed some basic ideas on how to gift your house and garden that are conplementary to this. Have a look here

Generally I cannot emphasize enough that there is no right or wrong in orgonite gifting . All gifters develop their personal style according to their specific sensitivities and priorities. That's the amazing thing about this community.

You may want to read a bit in our orgonite gifting expedition reports section. it will not only show you how we have bneen doing it buyt also the evbolutikon of our approach over time.