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A Good Start

A Good Start

TB Refill

Orgonite gifting bundle for the experienced gifter and those who who want to start gifting and acheive the maximum effect with minumum the budget.

The 50 TBs are 30% discounted from their single retail price and shipping is free, world wide!

The towerbuster Dirty Harry is our everyday ammunition for the orgone warrior.  We use  it for gifting cellphone towers and many other outdoor targets. 


Availability: In stock

The "Dirty Harry" is quite a rough one. We let the metal filings stick out. That way we get more filings in and in total we get a more powerful buster.

So, please understand: They are not meant ot be pretty!

And that's why we called them "Dirty Harry" in the first place, after Clint Eastwood's iconoc role as "shoot first, ask questions later" cop. 

So here you get 50 of them for 30% off which is a great deal.