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The Minishield Orgonite protector vs celphone radiation damage

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The Minishield

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Protect yourself from the harmful effects of EMF radiation from your cellphone, laptop or tablet. 

The Orgonite Minishield neutralises and transforms detrimental electromagnetic radiation from wireless electronic devices and ensures safe usage.



Protect yourself from harmful EMF radiation from your cellphone, laptop or tablet with the Orgonite Minishield.

The Minishield is a small Orgonite button that can be attached anywhere on your cellphone or other electronic devices.

Studies show that the electromagnetic frequencies (EMF) emitted by any electronic device that communicates wirelessly have many negative effects on human health. The side effects range from headaches, heating up of the ears while on a call, and dizzyness, to severe consequences like lymphoma and other types of cancer (depending where you most often carry your cellphone). 

Our personal experience and our Plant Growth Experiment show the effectiveness of even a small piece of Orgonite such as the Minishield against this harmful radiation. The Orgonite transforms these harmful frequencies into positive Life Energy - or Orgone Energy. This neutralises the detrimental effects of the EMF radiation and ensures safe use of your cellphone and other electronic devices.

Biofeedback, stress testing, kinesiology and the feedback of our customers show that the typical symptoms of extended cellphone usage such as heating up of adjacent regions of the head, headaches, loss of concentration and memory are not felt at all or to a much lesser extent. The recent experiment regarding the effect of the Minishiled on plant growth under cellphone radiation with and without the minishield speaks an even clearer language.

Ingredients: Orgone matrix with aluminium and copper, Quartz crystals, crumbs of Amethyst, Garnet and Black Tourmaline


Benefits typically associated with the gemstones in the Minishield:

- Quartz: Mental clarity, always used in orgonite to amplify the orgone output

- Amethyst: Promotes sobriety and concentration, processing of experiences and perceptions

- Garnet: Promotes willingness for mutual assistance, courage, trust and hope. Generally vitalising on metabolism and healthily active sexuality.

- Black Tourmaline: Talisman of protection, guards against radiation and environmental pollution, grounding and soothing


The Orgonite Minishield is 26mm (1") in diameter. The back has double-sided tape already attached and can be easily attached to the back of your cellphone or other electronic device.

We recommend to wipe the surface of your cellphone with a wet tissue or alcohol before application to remove extra grease. 





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Manufacturer Orgonise Africa

Customer Reviews

Wow! Review by John Kis
This Stuff Actually Works I Woke Up This Morning and For Once In My Life My Ears Werent Burning Like I Was In The Depths Of Hell!
Nah I'm Fucking With You This Is Bullshit!
(Posted on 09/07/2017)
This article achveie Review by Jacklynn
This article achveied exactly what I wanted it to achieve. (Posted on 03/05/2016)
Love it! Review by JK
Just knowing it reduced the radiation and EMF around your body makes me feel better. But the Minishield test documented here on orgonise africa proves it's effectiveness. (Posted on 14/09/2015)
i like it cause i believe it's good. Review by henna raita
i don't have any special sensitivities so i can't tell whether it works or not. i like to talk as little on the phone as possible and i prefer having the minishield on it while i do. (Posted on 15/07/2015)
Easy to apply, and a talking point! Review by Vanessa Schaffeler
I bought this for myself as I am concerned about the radiation from mobile phones but still need to have one for emergency use. I don't use it as a phone very much so can't really comment on any physical aspects although I did used to find I had a pain in my head when using the phone, which I no longer notice. Anyway, I'd rather be better safe than sorry and it is a talking point when people ask why it's there! (Posted on 15/07/2015)
wow! Review by cosmis
Love the minishield! Thanks! I can tell a BIG difference in how my phone feels. Much Love (Posted on 24/05/2015)
Love my Orgone Minishield!! Review by Jewelz
Both my husband and I ordered your Orgone Minishields from you at the beginning of the year and we are so HAPPY WE DID!!! Thank you so much for sending us an Orgone Minishield. We love how it makes us feel. There is no more burning in our ears, no more ringing in the ears and having this protection makes us feel a lot safer using cell phones. We make our own orgone for our home but when we came across your minishield, we knew we had to have it. I would recommend this product for everyone!!! Thank you for making the world a better place, one orgone at a time!! We are doing the same! XOX

The Haney's (Posted on 10/09/2014)
Minishield Review by Lily
I can feel a real difference with the application of the mini-shield to my cell phone case. The energy is quite different, though I still avoid holding the cell phone to my ear whenever possible. I wouldn't be without one now. (Posted on 30/07/2014)
I feel better Review by Gabrielle Bodek
Me and my brother tested the strength of our WiFi connection with and without the minishield. It increased by a sizeable amount (I don't remember the number) with the minishield on! It seems to convert the negative energy to positive energy and enhance the technology at the same time. Very please (Posted on 14/05/2014)
Great product Review by Greg C
Great product - excellent for any mobile device - HIGHLY recommended ! (Posted on 14/05/2014)
vera useful Review by Manda Payr
recommend it to everyone (Posted on 12/01/2014)
Minishields Review by Dee
I ordered 4 of these and gave them to my family. They were great stocking stuffers (Posted on 30/12/2013)
Sensational Review by marlena odgers
I could feel a burning sensation from the i phone just having it sitting next to me, let alone having up to my ear , now, with the mini shield on the back of the phone there is now harsh vibration from the phone, I do believe it has neutered the radiation coming off it. Absolutely great product ! (Posted on 28/12/2013)
Peace of Mind Review by Warren Taylor
Our family now enjoys increased protection with mini shields from the inherent dangers of radiation these necessary devices emit. I accept the evidence regarding the water/germination experiment. If you look at the work of Masuru Emoto with Water Crystals you will understand water is intelligent and reflects accurately its experience.Important! (Posted on 24/11/2013)
makes a good atmosphere Review by Brigitte Payr
very helpful, gives a good atmosphere (Posted on 24/10/2013)
Excellent Product Review by Gergely Csiffary
Excellent Product and Great Service From Orgonise Africa (Posted on 22/10/2013)
A definite must on all cellphones Review by Corrina OBrien
The Minishield is a must for all cell phones. The Minishield offers great protection for all the family, we have made sure all of our children and their partners have a Minishield on their phone which gives us peace of mind. Minishields are also great gift ideas. (Posted on 21/10/2013)
Great! Review by Carol Brown
Need more so guess that is a 10t of 10 (Posted on 20/10/2013)
Great little device! Review by GiftOrgone
These are excellent small pieces of orgonite, well made and very smooth too. I have placed them on my laptop, wi-fi unit and mobile phone. They can also be stuck to other items such as perhaps onto a pendant or other object for further protection. Using my mobile phone is certainly less of an issue now, I do feel a large reduction in the slight pains and tiredness that would usually come during conversations. Great product, thanks for doing what you do! (Posted on 03/01/2013)
Headache stopped Review by Chris Pappas
The headache after a long period using mobile phone, stopped. I'll try some other product and i'll inform you of the results.
(Posted on 10/04/2012)
surprised, that such small orgonite does so significant change Review by Ivan
Hi Friederike,
I have the parcel at home. I had the first glass of colloidal silver and minishield attached to mobile phone, changed energy around my phone to (for me) unexpected level. I am surprised, that such small orgonite does so significant change. I noticed that immediately, because I use my iPhone also for other purposes, spending hours a day with it.
Thank you for all those great products and also for a beautiful extra crystal.

I wish to all of you a great 2012!

Ivan (Posted on 05/01/2012)
Good job Review by Mitchell
Heckuva good job. I sure aprpeicate it. (Posted on 02/08/2011)
Just Amazing Review by michael
This product opened my eyes to the power of orgone. It was the first product I purchased from Orgonise Africa I haven't stopped buying their products. The story goes like this I talk on my cell a lot my commute to work is about an hour. My father lives a few States away from me in the USA and we speak almost everyday on the way to work. I started to realize during our long calls that my ear would get really hot after a short time. This alarmed me along with the fact I was feeling a little disoriented after these long calls. I stumbled across this item on ebay and tried it. I was a bit skeptical as I usually am. But it was not expensive so I tried it. What could I loose? Wow did it blow me away when I found that my ear no longer heated up. It's been several now and I have the same one on my phone. I have purchased eight of these so far and give them out to all my loved ones and friends! They just love it. (Posted on 28/03/2010)

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The Minishield