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Orgone zapper with pure silver electrodes

El Silverado Zapper

MAssive positive energy Booster

Orgonite Powerwand

Colloidal Silver Kit

Colloidal Silver the easy way

Inexpensive extension to your zapper (works with all our zappers) to make colloidal silver in a glass of filtered or distilled water. CS is a natural antibiotic and antifungal remedy. It also sterilises water of dodgy quality which makes it an ideal travel companion.

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Make your own colloidal silver!

Colloidal siver is a natural antibiotic, antiviral and anti-fungal remedy that has been known for milenia. It's medicinal uses can be traced back to ancient Greece and Egypt.

Even today's medical establishment has not yet managed to ban it, (not because they haven't tried) because it's effects and usage are so well proven and documented.

Colloidal Silver is sold in Pharmacies and health shops in small bottles at relatively high prices.

The CS Kit consists of 2 electrodes made of .9999 fine silver. Plugged into your zapper (any of our models, not included in this product) it allows you to produce colloidal silver. Just hang the wire electrodes into a glass of distilled water and drink your daily dose of colloidal silver right away. An ideal travel companion.

Not designed for the production of large quantities or commercial use.

This is a personal device and extension of the zapper functionality.
The colloidal silver produced with this simple extension may be lower in quality (particle size and stability) than the commercially available one.
We have been using it for years with great results though.

You can also use well filtered and orgonised water.
20 min of exposure is enough to get a sufficient concentration of Silver in a normal water glass (200ml)

Drink a glass, rather than a tea spoon full!

The red simple zapper shown here is not not included!

Dimensions: length - 131mm, diameter - 15mm
(This product is handmade and the final product might differ slightly)